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Ferring and Foresee Pharmaceuticals Enter into Exclusive Development and Option Agreement
02월 13일 17:30
Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Foresee Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (6576.TWO), announced today that the companies have entered into an exclusive worldwide development and...
Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Enteris BioPharma Enter License Agreement to Develop an Oral Formulation of a Peptide-based Injectable Therapeutic
01월 31일 09:15
Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Enteris BioPharma, Inc. announced today that the companies have entered into a license agreement and initiated an early development agree...
Ferring and IMAB Sign Licensing Agreement Granting IMAB Exclusive Rights in Asia to Olamkicept for the Treatment of Autoimmune Disease
2016년 12월 20일
Ferring Pharmaceuticals and IMAB today announced that they have signed a licensing agreement which grants IMAB exclusive rights to olamkicept (pINN) in Asia. Olam...
Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Aché Laboratórios Farmacêuticos Collaborate on Nanotechnology R&D Platform
2016년 12월 01일
Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Aché Laboratórios Farmacêuticos today announced a long-term collaboration aimed at improving the bioavailability, efficacy and safety pro...
Ferring Pharmaceuticals Acquires Exclusive Licensing Rights to Condoliase from Seikagaku Corporation
2016년 08월 29일
Ferring Pharmaceuticals announced today that it has signed an agreement with Seikagaku Corporation granting Ferring the exclusive worldwide rights (excluding Japan) ...
Ferring Pharmaceuticals: Wake up to Nocturia: the Most Common Cause of Disrupted Sleep That Could Be Damaging Your Health
2016년 03월 21일
Today is ‘World Sleep Day’ which was initiated by the World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM) to acknowledge the importance of a good night’s sleep and the impact...
페링제약: 야뇨증에 관심 집중: 건강을 해칠 수 있는 수면 장애의 가장 큰 원인
2016년 03월 21일
오늘은 세계수면학회가 야간 숙면과 수면이 건강 및 삶의 질에 미치는 영향의 중요성을 일깨우기 위해 정한 ‘세계 수면의 날‘(World Sleep Day)이다. 수면 문제는 전세계 인구 중 45%의 건강과 삶의 질을 위협하는 세계적으로 확산된 증상이다[4]. 이처럼 수면 문제가 널리...
Ferring announces the start of the PRONOUNCE Trial for patients with advanced prostate cancer and cardiovascular disease receiving degarelix or leuprolide
2016년 02월 10일
Ferring Pharmaceuticals announced today the commencement of the Phase 3b PRONOUNCE Trial. The trial will compare the occurrence of major adverse cardiovascular event...
페링제약, 데가렐릭스 또는 루프롤라이드를 투약하는 전립선암 및 심혈관질환 환자를 위한 PRONOUNCE 임상시험 시작 공표
2016년 02월 10일
페링제약(Ferring Pharmaceuticals)이 오늘 3b 단계 PRONOUNCE 임상시험(Phase 3b PRONOUNCE Trial)의 시작을 공표했다. 이 시험에서는 GnRH 수용체 길항제인 데가렐릭스(degarelix)를 투약하는 전립선암 및 심혈관질환 환자의 주요 심혈관계 이상사...
Ferring Pharmaceuticals Acquires Novel Drug Delivery Technology From CTCBIO Inc.
2015년 02월 24일
Ferring Pharmaceuticals announced today that it has signed an agreement with CTCBIO Inc. of Seoul, South Korea to acquire rights to a novel oral drug delivery techno...
Ferring Pharmaceuticals acquires two phase III ready orthobiologic product candidates from BioSET
2015년 02월 23일
Ferring Pharmaceuticals announced today that it has acquired the assets of BioSurface Engineering Technologies, Inc. (BioSET), including two phase III ready orthobio...
페링제약, 성장 촉진 위해 최고의학책임자 및 최고과학책임자 임명
2015년 02월 02일
페링제약(Ferring Pharmaceuticals)은 파스칼 당글라스(Pascal Danglas) 박사를 부사장 겸 최고의학책임자(CMO)로, 페르 팔크(Per Falk) 박사를 부사장 겸 최고과학책임자(CSO)로 각각 임명한다고 오늘 발표했다. 이들의 임명일자는 2015년2월1일이다. ...
Ferring Pharmaceuticals Moves to Strengthen Growth with Appointment of Chief Medical and Chief Scientific Officers
2015년 02월 02일
Ferring Pharmaceuticals announced today the appointment of Pascal Danglas, MD as Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer and Per Falk, MD, PhD as Executiv...
Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Roche collaborate to develop personalised infertility treatment
2014년 06월 24일
Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Roche have announced a collaboration to combine diagnostic testing technology from Roche with Ferring’s human cell line derived recombina...
Ferring launches Guts4life, An Interactive Online Resource for People with Inflammatory Bowel Disease
2014년 05월 19일
Ferring Pharmaceuticals marks World IBD Day (May 19th) with the launch of Guts4life (www.guts4life.com), a new interactive website with information, support and insp...
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Ferring Pharmaceuticals
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