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TNS Adds Experienced Leadership to Its Global Payments Team
2016년 10월 12일
Transaction Network Services (TNS) is strengthening its payments business with two high-level senior appointments which will help TNS deliver on its ambitious growth...
Groundbreaking New TNS Message Translation Solution to Streamline Payments Industry
2016년 04월 06일
Merchants, ISOs, payment gateways and terminal providers around the world are set to gain efficiencies and make substantial savings thanks to the launch of TNSConnec...
TNS Expands Network in South Korea with New Seoul POP
2016년 01월 19일
Trading on the Korean financial markets has become easier and more efficient today after Transaction Network Services ( (TNS) officially opened its new ...
TNS Provides Pan-Asian Telecommunications Network for Global Payments
2015년 06월 23일
TNS, a leading global provider of data communications and interoperability solutions, is providing a Pan-Asian telecommunications network for Global Payments, a lead...
TNS Launches Multi-Carrier Wireless Roaming Solution for Payment Terminals across Asia Pacific
2015년 04월 28일
Acquirers and processors across Asia and Australasia can now benefit from Transaction Network Services (’ (TNS) expertise in GPRS and 3G roaming for poi...
New TNS Card Scheme Gateway Set to Accelerate UnionPay Acceptance Worldwide
2015년 04월 14일
Transaction Network Services (, TNS) has launched a new global card scheme gateway which will enable merchants and banks to quickly and easily connect wi...
Asian ATM Market Boosted by TNS Launch of New 4G Network Support
2015년 03월 05일
Transaction Network Services (TNS, is launching 4G LTE support for its PCI DSS compliant TNSLink ( product portfolio, which includ...
Mastercard to Acquire TNS’ Payment Gateway Business
2014년 11월 07일
Transaction Network Services (TNS,, a portfolio company of Siris Capital Group since February 2013, has entered into an agreement to sell its Payment G...
MEPS Chooses TNSLink to Provide Dual-Carrier Wireless ATM Services to Malaysia
2014년 07월 15일
Transaction Network Services (TNS, has been chosen to play a key role in establishing a new breed of ATMs across Malaysia after signing an agreement wi...
Transaction Network Services
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