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2010-01-13 11:07
Samsung’s Diva Collection Targets Fashionable Women
Seoul--(뉴스와이어) 2010년 01월 13일 -- Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a leading mobile phone provider, today announced that world-renowned model Carmen Kass will be featured in advertisements for the Diva (S7070) and the Diva folder (S5150), the first products in the ‘Samsung Diva Collection 2010’ lineup.

From February, the ‘Samsung Diva Collection 2010’ TV commercial and print advertisements will run in Portugal, Hungary and Baltic counties, and then gradually in the global markets. The advertisements signify the trendsetter's lifestyle: graceful during the day and glamorous in the evening. Carmen Kass will give off her two different charms during the day, and at night.

“Carmen Kass’ image of luxury and intellectual charm is an ideal fit for ‘Samsung Diva Collection 2010,’ which offers mobile phones that are exquisitely designed for modern women.” said Younghee Lee, Vice President of Mobile Marketing, Samsung Electronics.

Carmen Kass is an Estonian model who has walked the runway for top fashion designers and appeared on the covers of many global fashion magazines.

To supplement the Diva’s embossed quilted look and fun features, including ‘Beauty Effect’, ‘Lomo Effect’, ‘Wish list’ and ‘Etiquette mode’ (more info below), Samsung is introducing a ‘Premium Package’ for the ‘Samsung Diva Collection 2010’ to further satisfy the needs of female consumers. The ‘Premium Package’ includes a trendy phone strap and a luxurious handmade genuine leather phone case to dress-up the fashionista phone, all beautifully presented in a stylish package.

Samsung (S7070) - Designed for the Diva with Exquisite Taste

The Samsung Diva is designed for the woman with exquisite taste, sophistication and an amazing personality. This target audience will appreciate the Samsung Diva’s pearly-whitequilted back cover as well as the ergonomically designed diamond-shaped crystal button on the front.

With the Diva’s 3.2 megapixel camera featuring ‘Beauty Effect’ and ‘Lomo Effect,’ users can take brilliant photos and flawless portraits.

The device makes keeping track of communications with friends and colleagues simple.Pop-up SNS (Social Networking Service) instantly notifies users when friends add updates on social networking sites, such as Facebook and MySpace. Multi-instant messenger combines all accounts into one easy-to-use application so that users can always stay connected.

Other features designed with women in mind include security features, such as ‘SOS Message’ and ‘Fake Call’ that users can send a direct message or a call to assigned public security services and get a fake call when needed. ‘Wish List’ helps the user streamline her shopping, while‘Etiquette mode’ enables consumers to instantaneously silence the mobile at necessary moments.

Samsung (S5150) - Designed for the Diva in the Spotlight

The Samsung Diva folder is designed for the woman who is the center of attention, wherever she is. The Samsung Divafolder offers a shiny, silver-toned back cover featuring a 3D quilted pattern. A hidden LED screen, “glittering LED,” illuminates to notify the user of an incoming message or a call.

Like Diva, Diva folder offers various image-editing features, such as ‘Beauty Effect’ and ‘Lomo Effect,’ built-in security features including ‘SOS Message’ and ‘Fake Call.’

The launch of the Diva and the Diva foldermarks Samsung’s commitment to delivering stylish, fashionable and feature-rich phones for female mobile users.

The Samsung Diva Collection 2010 will be launched in January 2010 in the UK, France, Germany and other European countries, followed by Southeastern Asia and China.

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