2010-08-02 10:34
MOSAID Showcases Solid State Drive Prototype
  • HLNAND(TM) SSD achieves unprecedented per-channel Flash performance
오타와 온타리오--(뉴스와이어) 2010년 08월 02일 -- MOSAID Technologies Inc. (TSX: MSD) introduced a Solid State Drive (SSD) prototype utilizing MOSAID's innovative HyperLink NAND (HLNAND™) architecture and interface.

Designed by MOSAID and its development partner INDILINX, the HLNAND SSD prototype is optimized for mass storage applications, including enterprise data centers and high-performance computing environments.

MOSAID's HLNAND SSD prototype proves that 213MBps read performance and 130MBps write performance is achievable on a single channel of HLNAND Flash memory. In contrast, current second-generation SSDs require eight or more channels for the same level of performance.

“The goal of the HLNAND program is to develop advanced solutions that will significantly enhance the performance of Flash technology in commercial products,” said Jin-Ki Kim, Vice President R&D, MOSAID. “Our prototype demonstrates the unprecedented level of Flash performance and flexibility that can be delivered in an SSD when implementing HLNAND technology. With our solution, SSD designers can achieve an industry leading concentration of throughput on each channel, without experiencing roll-off with heavily populated rings.”

As the first major new Flash memory architecture and device interface development in 20 years, HLNAND Flash combines MOSAID's HyperLink memory technology with industry standard NAND Flash cell technology. HLNAND delivers sustained input/output (I/O) bandwidths an order of magnitude higher than conventional Flash by utilizing a point-to-point ring topology that achieves an extremely high level of signal integrity and significantly reduced loading. For more information, visit www.hlnand.com.

MOSAID is showcasing its HLNAND SSD prototype at the 2010 Flash Memory Summit, booth #416, August 17-19 in Santa Clara California. A paper on the next phase of HLNAND technology development will also be presented.

HLNAND SSD Prototype - Design Details

The HLNAND SSD is a fully functional, Serial ATA2 (SATA2) compatible prototype incorporating a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)-based controller and MOSAID's HLNAND modules, built in the 3.5 inch form factor. The HLNAND SSD prototype uses two 64GB HLDIMM modules (eight multi-chip packages (MCPs) per module, 16 MCPs in total) arranged on a single channel. MOSAID provided the HLDIMM modules, and INDILINX built the controller and system board.

Prototype design limitations required reducing the HyperLink channel clock from 133MHz to 75MHz. A production version of the HLNAND SSD utilizing an FPGA-based or ASIC-based controller with eight channels would operate at the full 133MHz clock to achieve read and write throughput each exceeding 1TB/s.

The HLNAND SSD is intended for use in high-speed, mass storage applications, including desktop workstations, computing and enterprise equipment, light-weight mobile devices and gaming equipment, or as external drive.


Licenses for manufacturing MOSAID‘s HLNAND 64Gb NAND Flash memory device and 64GB HLDIMM module in production quantities are available to semiconductor suppliers, packaging and module suppliers, product manufacturers and system integrators. MOSAID’s engineering team is ready to support licensees for rapid product introduction.

MOSAID recently announced that Scanimetrics Inc. is integrating HLNAND into its customized product solutions.

INDILINX, backed by Softbank Ventures Korea, is a leading fabless semiconductor company specializing in high-performance SSD controllers for the retail, industrial, military, enterprise and OEM markets. INDILINX has been accredited as a “best technology company” by many government institutions and industry groups since its founding in 2006. The business operation is in Milpitas, California and the R&D center is in Seongnam, Korea. For more information, please visit: http://www.indilinx.com.

MOSAID Technologies Inc. is one of the world‘s leading intellectual property companies. MOSAID licenses patented intellectual property in the areas of semiconductors and telecommunications systems, and develops semiconductor memory technology. MOSAID counts many of the world’s largest technology companies among its licensees. Founded in 1975, MOSAID is based in Ottawa, Ontario. For more information, visit www.mosaid.com and www.InvestorChannel.mosaid.com
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Michael Salter, Director
Investor Relations and Corporate Communications
613-599-9539 x1205
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MOSAID's HLNAND SSD prototype (사진제공: MOSAID Technologies)
(사진제공: MOSAID Technologies)
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