2011-09-08 17:58
dmexco Goes Interactive: Direct On-Site Coverage by the Trade Visitors as CNN iReporters
COLOGNE, GERMANY--(Korea Newswire) September 8, 2011 -- In collaboration with professional partners the dmexco will also be lending its visitors support in 2011 with a number of interactive tools such as the official dmexco app, the “Table of Tweets”, the dmexco Liveboard, an augmented reality photo contest and the Ubercrowd Live Data Experience. As a special highlight the dmexco is offering its visitors the exclusive opportunity to report directly on the latest trends and themes of the digital industry as CNN iReporters. All the interested parties have to do to take part is simply register as a CNN iReporter at http://www.dmexco.com/CNN_iReporter_en.

The trade visitors of the dmexco 2011 are being given the opportunity to record the opinions voiced at the dmexco and interview self-selected market participants of the digital business in the role of CNN iReporters. The iReports will be shown on the dmexco video channel and on CNN iReport (www.ireport.cnn.com). Selected clips may also be shown on CNN. The iReporters will receive support from an editorial team located at the CNN iReport stand in Hall 7, where they can fall back on the expert know-how of the team and make use of the professional equipment available. Anyone who has always wanted to take on the role of a roving reporter can register now as a CNN iReporter at http://www.dmexco.com/CNN_iReporter_en.

The official dmexco app is even more interactive than ever this year: As well as containing the hall layout plans, exhibitor directories, all Conference sessions and the entire contact data, the optimised app version offers a new tool, which enables the visitors to scan their new contacts directly and forward on their digital business cards. The new dmexco app for the iPhone and iPad that was created by widjet is available now as a free download at http://itunes.apple.com/de/app/dmexco/id389331909?mt=8. Together with GoldRun the dmexco is also inviting visitors to take part in an entertaining, interactive photo competition. The focus here lies on the innovative augmented reality application of the same name that can be called up at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/goldrun/id396800792?mt=8.

The emphasis of further interactive features lies on getting the trade visitors of the dmexco 2011 to participate. For instance by sending in their tweets during the dmexco under the hashtag #dmexco, the most twittered buzz words of the event will be dynamically visualised on the “Table of Tweets” by DDB Tribal. The dmexco Twitter Liveboard by Twingly will also be providing a further data visualisation. All tweets, that contain the hashtag #dmexco, will be counted, numerically evaluated and visualised in real-time together with the retweets, users and updates, etc. at http://liveboard.twingly.com/dmexco. The visitors of the UBERCLOUD panel “Data Visualization - Pattern recognition in the digital age” can participate live on-site in an extraordinary way: In the scope of the live experiment Ubercrowd Data Experience they can pass on their opinions on the discussed contents directly via light signal. With the aid of a camera tracking device the voices are automatically recorded and variably visualised in an innovative manner. Democracy at its best.

Christian Muche, Director Business Development, Strategy & International dmexco: “Digitality has long since become an integral part of our everyday life and it has profoundly changed our entire communication behaviour. It enables us to engage in a direct dialogue with each other so easily and of course this is something we want to further encourage within the framework of the dmexco. In this way we will create a real benefit for our visitors not only regarding the depicted contents and themes, but also in terms of communication. In the course of the dmexco Expo and Conference, the trade visitors will learn how to put these possibilities of interacting with the customer to effective use for themselves and their companies.”
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