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2012-03-16 13:20
‘Korean Celeb Face Match’ That Seeks Similar Korean Stars Ranks Top in Free Photo Application in China
  • -‘Korean Celeb Face Match’ Earns High Popularity in China as an Application That Searches Resemblance to Korean Wave Celebrities
SEOUL,KOREA--(Korea Newswire) March 16, 2012 -- The ‘Korean Celeb Face Match,’ an entertainment application that searches similar celebrities, enjoys high popularity in China as it ranks first in photo & video segment of App Store.

As an entertainment application that seeks similar Korean popular celebrities by analyzing faces in photos taken by smart phones developed by KTH (President: Seo Jeong-ju) (KOSDAQ: 036030), its Chinese version was launched in July last year.

The ‘Korean Celeb Face Match’ application gains explosive popularity in Asian countries as well as China where the Korean Wave fever is prevailing. The application already earned fame in Korea as not only the general public but also top stars, such as Super Junior, 2am, BoA and Miss A, frequently used it. And it is widely used in Asian countries, including Singapore and Hong Kong.

Its popularity in China is analyzed to have come from moccasin telegraph as it matches one's face with resembled Korean wave star because Korean TV drama series and K-Pop attract popularity in China.

This application was already downloaded by 12 million people around the world, it ranked third place in free application charts recently announced by Apple‘s App Stores. As it was the official announcement of applications that earned popularity during 3 years and 7 months since launch of App Stores, it shows steady popularity of the ’Korean Celeb Face Match' application.

In addition to the ‘Korean Celeb Face Match,’ ‘Pudding Camera’ and ‘Pudding.to’ of KTH also gained high popularity across the world. Popularity of the ‘Pudding Camera’ was widely recognized as it ranked 5th place in free application best sellers at App Store in Korea in 2011 in ‘iTunes Rewind 2011’ announced in December last year, and ranked 13th post in best free ‘iPhone Apps’ unveiled in January by App Store in Korea. With features of attractive retouching filter and emotion sharing, ‘Pudding.to,’ a photo-based SNS launched in February, ranked first in Korea in just one day after its launch in App Store, 7th post in Thailand, and 8th place in Singapore. It gains high popularity as its users exceeded 500,000 in a week after its launch.

‘Korean Celeb Face Match’ App Store:(http://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/xun-zhao-ming-xing-lian/id447303486?mt=8 )
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