2012-03-21 10:22
GreenSolutions Draws Attention for Naturalist Cosmetic Brand ‘Hello Everybody’
CHUNCHEON--(Korea Newswire) March 21, 2012 -- Cosmetic specialized company Green Solutions (CEO Nam-Kyung Kim) is drawing attention for organic body product introduced by naturalist cosmetic brand Hello Everybody.

Full of delight and liveliness, Hello Everybody, featuring the concept of ‘Enjoy Nature, Enjoy my life with HELLO EVERYBODY,’ is a naturalist brand suggesting a healthy lifestyle where everyone can enjoy through honest material from the nature.

Natureholic line comes in two types of body wash and body lotion, using ‘herb aloe water’ certified with ECOCERT, the French organic certification mark, as the basic ingredient to provide skin calming and deep moisturization.

Also, this product is ‘7-free’ which does not contain benzophenone, paraben, silicon, mineral oil, and alcohol, and instead used natural surfactant ‘milkwort’ and natural antibacterial chrysanthemum family plant ‘siegesbockia herb’ extract.

Containing the ECOCERT material of ‘Herb-Complex’ and silver ‘magnolia extract,‘ Natureholic body wash and body lotion come in each of 4 types of milk (cozy cotton), peach (sweet peach), grapefruit (fresh grapefruit), and herb (fresh herb).

Comprised of organic ingredients as such, Natureholic line can be used selectively per personal taste, and the product design is also presenting the fun of watching with simple and showy coloring.
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