2012-04-17 14:52
High Touch Korea Announces EXPO PR Programs During EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA
SEOUL, KOREA--(Korea Newswire) April 17, 2012 -- High Touch Korea(www.hightouchkorea.com), a Korea-based PR and consulting agency, announced that it welcomes customized PR and marketing projects for global companies and country pavilions exhibiting at EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA held from May 12 through August 12, 2012 at Yeosu, a southern tip harbor city of South Korea.

High Touch Korea, which provides “high-touch” services for branding, market survey, cultural training, media PR/marketing campaigns and consumer communications services, has been taking a survey to some big exhibitors and high-fame participants in EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA, which marks the second occasion of the event in the country after DAEJEON EXPO 1993.

“The EXPOs have been a great opportunity to Korea aiming at globalization technically and culturally,” commented Hordon Kim, a journalist-turned Principal. “The country took the full advantage of the global recognition by hosting and organizing a lot of global events such as Summer and Winter Olympic Games, Paralympics, Asian Games, World Cup, etc. The global event gains recognition by adding the eco-friendly mood in designing, constructing and coloring its EXPO architecture, lighting and campaigns.”

High Touch Korea boasts elaborate “high-touch” media relationship services as most of its staff members come from the journalistic world. “We know the media and industry and, thus, successfully bridge them to our clients. This enables us to publish show dailies and news magazines both in Korean and English, and we always narrow down the communication gaps and differences of the global companies and organizations, which come from a lack of understanding cultural and media landscapes.”
Services and programs available include:
- newsletter production and design
- press conferences for both Korean local and global media
- media fam tour organizing
- media coverage clipping and market monitoring
- brand survey among participants and visitors to EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA
- product/service/technology launching events
- food and cultural promotional events
- Korean cultural/media training
- business partner/customer search in Korea
- blogger events and campaigns for EXPO-specific communications
- SNS promotions
- other customized services

Companies and National Tourism Organizations(NTOs) can contact Hanee Kim at hnkim@hightouchkorea.com for their customized EXPO PR and communication campaigns. Both project and retaining services are available before, during and even after EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA.

About High Touch Korea
High Tough Korea (www.hightouchkorea.com) has been providing the integrated marketing communications services through its affiliates engaged in PR, marketing survey, event promotion/registration and other communications services. It has been partnering with Korean local publications in the food, drink, tourism, mobile and LED/lighting sectors and welcomes customized services for HR, customer/business partner search, DM/eDM and media buying services as well.
  • Media Contact
  • Hanee Kim
    Project Manager
    High Touch Korea
    +82-2-3473-6368, +82-10-6249-6368
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Media Contact

Hanee Kim
Project Manager
High Touch Korea
+82-2-3473-6368, +82-10-6249-6368
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