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2012-04-27 18:42
Violin Memory Adds Eight New Resellers to EMEA Partner Program
  • Rapid Channel Ramp-Up Attracts Viadex and Softcat as Partners
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Korea Newswire) April 27, 2012 -- Violin Memory, Inc., provider of one of the world's fastest and most scalable flash Memory Arrays, today announced eight new channel partners across seven new countries in Europe, all of which joined within the last thirty days.

The first cohort of partners to join the Violin Partner Program includes Viadex, Mobius Business Technologies, and Softcat in the UK, IT Nations in Denmark, Tara Sistem in Turkey, EnjoyIT in Sweden, IP Service and Green Data Systems (GDS) in the Netherlands, with GDS also operating in Germany and Belgium. Partners have been selected for their consultancy experience around business-critical application implementation and the acceleration or virtualisation of such key enterprise business suites not just expertise in data storage.

This rapid channel growth is spearheaded by leading resellers who require Violin flash Memory Arrays and the system architecture that balances performance, high availability and economics.

The channel partnerships come shortly after the announcement of $50 million in new funding to support Violin's aggressive go-to-market strategy, further validating the global transition from disk to flash in the enterprise data centre.

“The resellers we have signed up, and those in the process, are the visionaries in the market,” said Garry Veale, Managing Director of Violin Memory EMEA Limited. “They understand that data is a strategic asset and extracting value in close to real-time provides a strategic advantage and solves many customer problems.”

The partners are getting immediate traction and associated results. Viadex, an early partner to resell Violin's technology, has scored a number of wins. Dan Hayden-Hammond, Director of Sales at Viadex states, “We started with a small sub-set of customers that had very specific needs regarding performance. As we progressed to a broader set of customers, we are repeatedly seeing use cases where storage bottlenecks are the problem and Violin flash Memory Arrays are the best solution.”

Violin Memory is supporting the highest availability flash Memory Arrays in the industry for primary flash storage and ensuring channel partners can bring value to joint customers and add to it with their own unique capabilities. “One of the fundamental tenants of our program is services. We encourage our partners to develop an ecosystem of solutions and services around the Violin Memory technology,” says Jason Wildt, EMEA Partner Manager of Violin Memory EMEA Limited. “We help them do this through a unique combination of partner competency incentives, authorised service provider certification and training opportunities.”

With several leading partners across EMEA just completing their pre-certification process, Violin Memory's selective channel strategy is ensuring that they have the necessary quality, expertise and coverage in their target markets.

“In the all-silicon data centre, Violin Memory Arrays' exceptionally low latency and high bandwidth allow applications to process more information, in less time, with fewer resources. Imagine what your customer could do if their performance was increased by 10 times, and their infrastructure decreased by 70 percent,” added Veale. “The channel wants to be at the forefront of this strategic shift. This is not incremental change -- it is transformational.”

Violin's flash Memory Arrays are changing the data centre for companies like AOL, Revlon,, Juniper and HP through its patent-pending flash vRAID technology. Violin recently won AlwaysOn 2011 Company of the Year, SearchDataCenter Product of the Year, Gartner “Cool Vendor” for storage, and was named a Top Startup to Watch by
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