2012-05-17 14:00
Heidrick & Struggles Names Daren Kemp to Lead Global Industrial Practice
CHICAGO--(Korea Newswire) May 17, 2012 -- Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc. (Nasdaq:HSII), the leadership advisory firm providing executive search and leadership consulting services worldwide, announced today that Daren Kemp has been named Global Practice Managing Partner of the Industrial Practice, effective immediately. Currently Kemp serves as Managing Partner and Chairman of the Strategic Partners Program and partner-in-charge of the Singapore office; he will be relocating to the London office.

Kemp joined Heidrick & Struggles in 2008 and has held a number of leadership positions within the firm. As leader of the company's Strategic Partners Program, he has been responsible for building exclusive and strategic client partnerships around the globe. Previously, he served as co-leader for Global Markets for the Asia Pacific region.

“Daren is a highly accomplished leader with a proven track record for successfully running key functions within our business,” said Heidrick & Struggles' Chief Executive Officer L. Kevin Kelly. “His passion, thoughtful perspective and relentless ability to challenge those around him - help to provide exceptional results and the highest levels of service for our clients globally.”

Kemp has more than 20 years of executive search experience serving a wide range of clients in the financial and professional services industry. He began his career with Robert/Jardine Fleming in 1989 where he spent 12 years focusing on emerging markets in Japan, Hong Kong, London and New York. In 2005, he joined the search firm Akamai Financial Markets where he served as managing director and CEO.

Kemp has also been published in various business magazines on the topics of corporate governance and has been quoted in a number of leading publications, including the Harvard Business Review and The New York Times. He is also a frequent speaker on the topic of corporate effectiveness and CEO succession planning.

About The Industrial Practice

For more than five decades, Heidrick & Struggles has helped industrial companies identify and recruit the top leaders needed to succeed. With global talent more critical than ever, our consultants understand the unique leadership development challenges that industrial companies face. The practice serves every region across the globe, including emerging markets such as China, Russia, India, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, by combining unparalleled search resources with a deeply consultative approach and deep vertical experience in every sector of the Industrial market.

About Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc.

Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc., (Nasdaq:HSII) is the leadership advisory firm providing executive search and leadership consulting services, including succession planning, executive assessment, talent retention management, executive development, transition consulting for newly appointed executives, and M&A human capital integration consulting. For almost 60 years, we have focused on quality service and built strong leadership teams through our relationships with clients and individuals worldwide. Today, Heidrick & Struggles' leadership experts operate from principal business centers globally. For more information about Heidrick & Struggles, please visit www.heidrick.com
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