2012-06-14 15:29
ACP Rail Introduces E-Tickets for Italy
  • Now Available for All Domestic Italian Train Routes
MONTREAL, CANADA--(Korea Newswire) June 14, 2012 -- Train travel in Italy is made easy with ACP Rail‘s newest addition to its global rail offering, which now includes e-tickets for Italian rail journeys with Italy’s national railroad, “Trenitalia.” With so many popular cities of interest, visitors can make the most of their Italian experience by enjoying Trenitalia‘s extensive rail network, complete with comfortable trains and stunning views. Just imagine the scenery as Tuscany rolls by! Not to mention the convenience found in timely departures, where for example, Trenitalia’s high speed Frecciarossa trains run every hour to/from Rome-Milan and the non-stop journey lasts only 2h59m. Frequent service on Frecciarossa trains is also available to favorite destinations like Florence, Naples and Turin, whereas Frecciargento trains will take you to Venice, Verona and many more.

With countless domestic routes to choose from, visitors simply enter their journey details and select a “Trenitalia Ticket on Departure & Reservation” to get their e-ticket reference number, which is ready to travel with. With a selection of fare types, ranging from flexible fares to discount fares, customers can book the ticket that best suits their itinerary and enjoy the convenience found in planning ahead and having a reserved seat on the train of their choice.

Plus there‘s the option to travel in first or standard class, or even five service options to choose from on non-stop Milan to Rome Frecciarossa trains including: 2nd Standard Class, 2nd Premium Class, 1st Business Class, 1st Business Quiet Class or 1st Business Lounge Class. Passengers will be pleased to find that the Italian “Frecce” trains are outfitted with all the modern amenities, where on most services one can enjoy spacious seating, Wi-Fi, restaurant carriages, trolley service, power outlets at their seat and, in select classes, complimentary newspapers and a welcome drink. Furthermore, Trenitalia’s on board catering consists of 100% Italian top brands, such as “Illy” espresso and “Berlucchi” prosecco wine, so passengers can look forward to a journey where the tastes of Italy complement the views of Italy!

Get Italy train e-tickets by calling ACP Rail's Call Center today at 1 866 938-RAIL (North America) or by visiting ACPRail.com.

In addition to being the exclusive global BritRail distributor, ACP Rail also offers an attractive range of rail passes and train tickets, such as e-tickets for Spain and Italy, Japan Rail Passes, Eurail Passes, Australia Passes and more. If you are a travel agent interested in booking rail passes, tickets, seat reservations, tours and attractions for your clients please visit www.agent.acprail.com or contact sales@acprail.com for more information.
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