2012-07-06 09:48
Shebah Biotech Releases Probiotics Lactic Acid Bacillus-Containing Cosmetic Products
CHUNCHEON--(Korea Newswire) July 6, 2012 -- Cosmetic material and product development specialized company Shebah Biotech (CEO Hye-Won Lim, www.shebah.co.kr) released the serum and cream with bifidus-fermented cultured wild ginseng root.

Bifida fermented cultured wild ginseng root (hereafter PFG) cosmetic products were manufactured using probiotics and it includes bifidus fermented scutellaria baicalensis root extract, and various plant extracts in high concentrations.

PFG serum and cream provide a quick help in fast recovery of skin tired from fatigue and stress, and sufficiently supplies various nutrients and effectively protects the skin from various harmful oxygen types with high antioxidative efficacy. Also, it prevents skin pigmentation of melanin with the whitening efficacy of improving darkened skin.
The scent of the product did not use the strong and fancy scent, but rather saved the unique scent of fermented materials and herb extracts, and also the ingredients with high risk of harm to skin were excluded. This is a double-functional product of naturalist whitening-wrinkle improvement without even alcohol used for increasing skin freshness.

Probiotics are non-pathogenic microbes or substances good for health of humans and animals, most representative ones being intestinal lactobacillus or bifidus, and recently such probiotics strains are known to exist on the female hands or skin as well.

Shebah Biotech explained that “skin-originated probiotics can be the optimized materials for skin-specialized cosmetic products as it adapts to skins with low pH, acts in an environment exposed to various external environments like the skin does, and produces/secrets substances most appropriate for the skin.”

☞ Domestic/Foreign Application for Lactic Acid Bacillus Strain

In the meantime, Shebah Biotech Co., Ltd. recently completed PC domestic application(domestic patent application no. 10-2012-0055971) and international application (PCT international application: PCT/KR2012/004156) for independently developed lactobacillus (strain name: HK-9).
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