2012-08-09 16:39
Medigate, launched the six-channel Electrocardiograph ‘MeCA406i’
WONJU--(Korea Newswire) August 9, 2012 -- Medigate (CEO Seonghwan Kim, www.medigate.biz) has launched the six-channel electrocardiograph ‘MeCA406i’.

Electrocardiograph is an instrument for detecting and recording the bioelectric generated by electrical activity of the heart, and is mainly used for coronary artery diseases such as angina and myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, electrolyte disturbances and cardiac problem check during a surgery.

This MeCA406i can secure the accurate ECG with the one-touch function. It can not only automatically analyze the forms and rhythms but also display and output the ECG in real time by using the 480*272 colored TFT LCD display and the high definition thermal transfer printer.

It can save the ECG using the internal and external memory, and provide the patient information and ECG data management function using the software management program.

Slim and simple designed MeCA406i is fitted with a battery so that the user can conveniently use it while moving.

Medigate has currently launched the diversity of products, including the 12-channle electrocardiograph ‘MeCA812i’ and ‘MeCA412i’, the 3-channel electrocardiograph ‘MeCA303i’, the portable electronic medical device ‘MeTroy720’, and the super-precision body composition analyzer ‘BoCA X1’, in addition to MeCA406i.

As such technology of Medigate get recognized, Medigate has obtained the ISO Certification and CE Certification (Europe), and has exported products to the world including Europe, China, UAE, Turkey and Kuwait.

CEO Seonghwan Kim of Medigate said, “We have developed MeCA406i which ensures the accurate diagnosis and has the high convenience with diverse multi-functions through seamless research and development. We expect to win a good response in oversea markets as well as a domestic market.”

Besides, Medigate will participate in Florida International Medical Expo 2012 to be held from August 8~10 2012. (Inquiries: +82-33-747-3552, jake@medigate.biz)
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Medigate, launched the six-channel Electrocardiograph ‘MeCA406i’ (사진제공: 메디게이트)
Medigate, launched the six-channel Electrocardiograph ‘MeCA406i’
(사진제공: 메디게이트)
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