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2016-01-06 15:55
PMC to Increase Fatty Amide Slip Agent Capacity
MEMPHIS, TENN.--(Business Wire/Korea Newswire) January 6, 2016 -- PMC Biogenix, a wholly owned subsidiary of PMC Group, announced plans to invest in the expansion of its manufacturing capacity for fatty amide slip agents at its production facility in Gyeongju, South Korea. The project will increase PMC’s manufacturing capacity at the site by 30% and will be operational during the first half of 2016. PMC operates a global, vertically integrated manufacturing platform for slip agents including two world scale manufacturing sites in Memphis, Tennessee and Gyeongju, South Korea, integrated fatty acid manufacturing, and regional distribution centers to serve the global polyolefins industry.

“This investment underscores our position as an industry leader committed to maintaining world class service and security of supply to our global customer base,” said Dr. William Hayes, Vice President and General Manager, about PMC Biogenix’ latest investment. “This project provides our customer base with the confidence that we are prepared to grow with both announced and anticipated global polyolefin capacity increases.”

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PMC Group is a growth oriented, diversified, global chemicals and plastics company dedicated to innovative solutions to everyday needs in a broad range of end markets including plastics, consumer products, electronics, paints, packaging, personal care, food, automotive and pharmaceuticals. The Company was built on a sustainable model of growth through innovation while promoting social good. PMC operates from a global manufacturing, innovation and marketing platform with facilities in the Americas, Europe and Asia. More information about PMC and its activities around the world can be found at

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