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2016-01-15 09:00
Marc Desmidt to Join Point72 Asset Management as Chief Executive Officer for Asia-Pacific Region
HONG KONG--(Business Wire/Korea Newswire) January 15, 2016 -- Marc Desmidt has been named Chief Executive Officer for the Asia-Pacific region at Point72 Asset Management (Point72).

In this newly created role, Mr. Desmidt will oversee the operations of the Firm’s offices in Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore and will drive Point72’s strategic objectives throughout the region.

Seiji Onoe, based in Tokyo, will continue to lead the portfolio managers that focus on the Japan Sector and Howard Man, based in Hong Kong, will continue to lead all other investment teams in Asia, both of whom will report to Mr. Desmidt.

“Marc has spent a quarter century investing, managing and leading in Asia in two different markets,” Point72 President Doug Haynes said. “That gives him the acumen we need as we look to deepen our Asian relationships and reflects the importance we place on our Asia business.”

Mr. Desmidt joins Point72 from BlackRock where he served in Hong Kong as Head of Strategic Product Management in Asia-Pacific, responsible for the direction and execution of BlackRock’s product suite across all asset classes.

Mr. Desmidt previously worked in several senior roles at BlackRock, most recently as its Head of Alpha Strategies, managing more than 100 employees across multiple teams and countries. While in that role, Mr. Desmidt was the lead manager on the Japan Value Fund and the Blackrock Global Fund, growing Asian fundamental equity AUM from $2 billion USD to $8 billion USD.

Mr. Desmidt had been with Blackrock since 1991, including his time at legacy business Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, where he was Managing Director and Head of Investment, based in their Tokyo office.

Mr. Desmidt earned his BA from the University of Cape Town and his MS from the University of Oxford.

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Point72 Asset Management is a family office managing the assets of its founder, Steven A. Cohen, and eligible employees. Point72 primarily invests in discretionary long/short equities and makes significant quantitative and macro investments. The Firm's long/short investment divisions are Point72 Asset Management and EverPoint Asset Management. Cubist Systematic Strategies is its quantitative business, and Rubric Capital is its deep value, multi-strategy business. The Firm is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, and maintains offices in New York, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Singapore. Point72 Asset Management, L.P. is a family office and does not seek, solicit or accept any external investments. www.Point72.com.

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