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2016-01-29 18:00
HKNet Enhances Dedicated Internet Access Service with NFV Technology and New Point Of Presence in Korea
  • Enterprises to enjoy direct internet connectivity with improved agility, cost-efficiency and high availability
HONG KONG--(Business Wire/Korea Newswire) January 29, 2016 -- HKNet Company Limited (HKNet,, a subsidiary of NTT Communications (, today announced the company has integrated Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) technology into its dedicated internet access service vIP-Net (, and provides its enterprise customers with enhanced network agility, reliability and cost efficiency. HKNet has also extended vIP-Net’s regional reach with a new Point of Presence (PoP) in Korea to tap into the region’s booming demands for direct internet connectivity.

NFV is the latest network technology that virtualizes network functions that were traditionally running on-premises to network-hosted virtual machines. With HKNet vIP-Net introducing the value-added service feature, enterprise customers will not only be able to reduce overall hardware costs, lead time and operational complexity, but also enjoy a high availability solution that guarantees redundancy by equipping with excess capacity in the network function design to accommodate a performance decline or a subsystem failure.

“Enterprises in the region are now demanding for more “service-centric” network, which brings improved cost-efficiency and better time-to-market to stay competitive in the market. That is why HKNet integrated NFV capabilities into vIP-Net service offerings, which enable businesses to adapt to ever-changing market needs, while reducing overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).” Patrick Ng, Executive Vice President, Global Network Business Division, NTT Com Asia Limited said.

The vIP-Net NFV value-added service features Virtual Firewall and Traffic Analytics services, as well as Virtual Router, URL Categorization, Content Security, IDS/IPS, Malware Sandbox - all of which will be rolling out as part of HKNet service enhancement plan.

Following the addition of Taiwan PoP last year, HKNet continues to strengthen vIP-Net this year with the launch of a new PoP in Korea, providing premium internet connectivity between Mainland China and Korea in respond to the growth of Korean market and business activities.

“Hong Kong was Korea's third largest investment destination[1] after Mainland China and the US. As the southern gateway to the Mainland China, Hong Kong is always the ideal partner for companies looking to enter the China market. We foresee the growing needs of enterprises which require direct internet connectivity with Korea, and strive to strengthen enterprises with presence in Asia to take full advantage of opportunities, as the region continues to grow.” Patrick added.

HKNet vIP-Net offers dedicated internet access for enterprises that demand highly stable internet connectivity performance and guaranteed bandwidth for their mission-critical business communications and applications in the region. For more information, please visit vIP-Net (

About NTT Com Asia

NTT Com Asia is NTT Communications’ East Asia headquarters covering Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Korea. The company provides enterprise-class network, data centre, cloud, hosting and managed services, and operates its’ wholly owned subsidiary HKNet in Hong Kong.

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About HKNet Company Limited

Founded in 1994, HKNet Company Limited (HKNet) is one of the Hong Kong‘s Internet Service Provider pioneers. In 2000, HKNet became a subsidiary of NTT Communications and is dedicated to developing world-class ICT solutions for enterprises in region. HKNet’s core ICT services include network, data centre, mobility solutions and managed services. For more information, please visit

[1] HK-Korea partnership mutually beneficial, November 2015

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