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2016-02-01 10:50
Global Payments Company Relaunches as MiFinity Payments
  • Corporate Rebranding and New Identity Reflects Market Expansion and Vertical Specialisation
DUBLIN--(Business Wire/Korea Newswire) February 1, 2016 -- NXSystems LTD, a global payments provider serving the travel, hospitality and gaming industries - as well as large multinational companies with the need for a way to transmit money across the globe efficiently, cost-effectively and securely - announced today that, as part of its restructuring and expansion, it will now operate as MiFinity Payments (www.mifinity.com). The company’s new name and branding reflects its commitment to the seamless and secure processing of payments across borders, and of the infinite possibilities made available through its technology and solutions.

“Our new corporate identity as MiFinity Payments (www.mifinity.com)reflects our ongoing commitment to providing innovative, best-in-class payments technology solutions to the travel, hospitality and gaming sectors, and to fostering long-term partnerships with new stakeholders in need of secure, efficient, and compliant payments technology,“ said Gay Hamilton, Chief Operations Officer at MiFinity Payments. ”The rebranding provides us with new direction and focus on broadening the use and application of our technology as a comprehensive solution for companies’ payment needs.”

The rebranding comes shortly after the company’s announcement of a management restructuring and private buyout in late 2015.

As MiFinity Payments (www.mifinity.com), the company is poised to help growing businesses keep pace with their changing needs for secure, cost-effective and efficient payments transaction solutions. As the global payments ecosystem adapts to recent market changes - such as the EMV liability shift, the rise of new malware threats, and an increasing volume of mobile payments and ‘digital wallet’ transactions - retail merchants and multinational companies alike require better solutions to boost data security and lower their vulnerabilities to fraud and other forms of financial crime. Through its end-to-end transaction processing platform and suite of custom solutions, MiFinity Payments offers businesses the flexibility they need to ensure transactions are conducted in the most secure means possible, while addressing all of their unique business rules, needs and constraints.

The company’s first appearance as MiFinity Payments (www.mifinity.com) will take place at the ICE Totally Gaming (www.icetotallygaming.com) Conference in London, February 2-4, 2016.

For media inquiries or to speak with a company executive, please contact Karina Castano in the US at +1.305.749.5342 x240 or Vanessa Horwell in the UK at vhorwell@thinkinkpr.com or +44.20.3807.3735.

About MiFinity Payments

MiFinity Payments (formerly NXSystems) is a global payment solutions provider with offices in the US, UK, Ireland and Malta. The company provides secure, cost-effective payment products for global companies including those in the travel and gaming industries. MiFinity Payments is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and currently holds a full European E-Money licence. The company is an approved issuer of plastic cards for Visa®, MasterCard® and China UnionPay. MiFinity Payments is PCI DSS regulated so airlines and multi-national entities can ensure their payments operate in a safe, controlled and regulated environment. Visit www.mifinitypayments.com for more information.

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