2016-02-11 10:40
ZTE, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Fans Celebrated the Chinese New Year Together
  • Fans experienced and participated in traditional Chinese New Year activities to usher in good luck for this coming year
RICHARDSON, TEXAS--(Business Wire/Korea Newswire) February 11, 2016 -- ZTE USA, the fourth largest smartphone supplier in the U.S. and second largest in the no-contract market*, celebrated the Chinese New Year with the Cleveland Cavaliers at their home game tonight at Quicken Loans Arena.

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“The Chinese New Year is a time to celebrate and bring good luck to all in 2016, and I’m excited we got to share this tradition with the Cavaliers’ fans,” said Lixin Cheng, chairman and CEO of ZTE USA. “Basketball is a sport that is very popular in both the U.S. and China, and can be used as a bridge to share our culture and traditions with each other. We were proud to partner with the Cavaliers for this event and act as a Chinese culture ambassador in celebrating the Chinese New Year with the Cleveland community.”

Over 20,000 fans in attendance participated in Chinese New Year traditions such as receiving a red envelope, which held a $100 voucher for fans to use towards ZTE’s unlocked products. Along with red envelopes fans received t-shirts with unique Chinese characters that read “Go Cavaliers,骑士队加油” to help celebrate the event and cheer on the team. Several other activities and festive decorations were displayed throughout the venue such as traditional Chinese lanterns to help create an exciting atmosphere.

This is the first time the Cavaliers held a Chinese New Year title game and ZTE becomes the very first Chinese company to celebrate the most traditional Chinese festival with the Cleveland fans.

“The Chinese New Year symbolizes enthusiasm, passion and inspiration, all characteristics of our organization and fans,“ said Len Komoroski, chief executive officer of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Quicken Loans Arena organization. ”We are proud to partner with ZTE to celebrate the Chinese New Year by hosting a special night at The Q that shared the unique traditions of the NBA and Cavaliers' largest international fan base."

After seeing great success in building loyal consumers in Houston, New York, and Northern California, ZTE looks to continue that momentum and forged a new partnership in Cleveland with the Cavaliers in 2015. This addition provides yet another avenue for ZTE to listen and engage in a consistent dialogue with consumers in order to deliver improvements they want to see across all product lines.

For more information about any of ZTE’s sponsorships with NBA teams, you can visit ZTE USA online at www.zteusa.com.

*Strategy Analytics, Q3 2015


ZTE USA (www.zteusa.com), headquartered in Richardson, Texas, is a subsidiary of ZTE Corporation, a global provider of mobile devices, telecommunication systems, and enterprise solutions. Operating since 1998, ZTE USA is dedicated to making cost-efficient, quality communication technology accessible to all. ZTE is ranked by independent industry analysts as the fourth-largest supplier of mobile devices in the U.S. overall, and second-largest supplier of prepaid devices.

Visit ZTE USA at www.zteusa.com on https://www.facebook.com/ZTEUSA, Twitter https://twitter.com/ZTE_USA, and on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/ZTEUSAInc.

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