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2016-02-11 15:55
Ironkey Assets Sold Off - Kanguru Stands As World’s Most Trusted Source for Fully-Integrated USB Hardware / Software Security
MILLIS, MASS.--(Business Wire/Korea Newswire) February 11, 2016 -- In light of a recent divestiture spinning off Ironkey’s hardware assets to Kingston and its software to a third party, Kanguru now stands as the world’s single most trusted source for fully-integrated hardware / software secure solutions in USB encryption and remote management. Kanguru, a U.S.-based company and global leader in USB data security with a stable and profitable 22 year history, has been providing innovative secure USB encrypted data storage and combined remote management solutions for years. Kanguru helps organizations around the world - large and small - to secure and manage their portable data requirements.

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“Kanguru has grown organically over 22 years by putting our customer’s requirements first, being attentive to their input, and building a robust, high-quality product set to address those needs at a reasonable price point,” says Nate Cote, Executive VP of Kanguru.

Kanguru provides military-grade Defender Hardware Encrypted USB drives with the largest set of security certifications in the industry. Having achieved the only global Common Criteria certification for USB drives as well as numerous FIPS 140-2 certifications, customers can count on Kanguru to safeguard their data.

Kanguru Defender USB drives can be used independently as standalone secure drives, or managed as organizational assets through Kanguru’s fully-integrated hardware / software remote management security platforms. Organizations can start small, with the opportunity to scale when necessary, making it an ideal solution for any budget-conscious organization to secure their data and expand as needed.

Kanguru Remote Management (KRMC™) (https://goo.gl/OqF6XR) for the Defender® Family of secure USB drives (https://goo.gl/TVAq5B) offers two convenient ways to manage devices - either through a Cloud-based web portal or as a customer-hosted Enterprise service, making it a one-stop shop for organizations seeking robust USB hardware encryption and a combined remote management solution. Remote management provides organizations with the ability to manage their USB encrypted drives containing sensitive data anywhere, anytime, from one convenient console.

The fully-integrated hardware / software security platform by Kanguru allows organizations to easily implement a strategy where users have the flexibility to access portable data, admins can manage and support the devices anywhere in the world, and organizations will feel safe knowing they are in compliance with various data security regulations.

In addition, IT managers can conveniently customize and configure their organization’s secure drives prior to user adoption with KRMC’s powerful features including:

· Self-Service Password Reset
· Robust Auto-Provisioning
· Auto-License Assignment
· Delete & Disable

To learn more about Kanguru’s fully-integrated hardware / software security (https://goo.gl/vb7FEQ), please visit kanguru.com (https://goo.gl/zcU8Hx).

Kanguru is a global leader in developing TAA compliant data storage products, providing the very best in FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria Certified, hardware encrypted, secure USB drives, as well as fully-integrated remote management security applications. Kanguru also manufactures duplication equipment for duplicating hard drives, blu-ray, DVD and more. For more information on Kanguru, please visit kanguru.com.

View source version on businesswire.com: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160210005822/en/
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