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2016-02-15 11:40
MEDIA ALERT: Visa Unveils Future of Payments and Commerce at Mobile World Congress 2016
FOSTER CITY, CALIF.--(Business Wire/Korea Newswire) February 15, 2016 -- Visa Inc. (NYSE:V):

WHO: At Mobile World Congress 2016, Visa will join innovators from around the world to demonstrate the increasingly important role mobile is playing in how people pay and get paid. Visitors to the Visa booth can explore how a wave of a hand could pay for groceries, or how a connected car can allow a consumer to pay for gas and parking from the comfort of the driver’s seat.
WHAT: Visa will showcase the future of payments, including:
· Connected Commerce: Explore new ways to pay with mobile devices using mVisa and Visa Checkout, as well as a number of wearable contactless payment devices, such as Barclaycard’s bPay wristbands, keychains and stickers
· Connected Car: Experience the latest fuel and parking proof-of-concept apps in a connected car that bring greater simplicity and convenience to everyday tasks
· Biometric Authentication: Preview the future of payment authentication prototypes through biometrics. Learn how you could pay at the register with the simple wave of hand, or through facial recognition and fingerprint capabilities on mobile devices
Tech Seminars: Technology tutorials will be held at the Visa booth (Hall 6, Stand 6D40). The schedule will include:
Day 1 | Feb 22
· 1:00pm CET: Visa Token Service: Payment Protection Across Devices
· 2:00pm CET: Visa Developer: Rapid Innovation on a Secure Network
· 3:00pm CET: e/m-Commerce: Driving Online Conversion
Day 2 | Feb 23
· 1:00pm CET: Internet of Things (IoT): Paying across billions of devices
· 2:00pm CET: Biometrics in Payments: Scan, Authenticate, Done.
· 3:00pm CET: Visa Developer: Rapid Innovation on a Secure Network
Day 3 | Feb 24
· 1:00pm CET: e/m-Commerce: Driving Online Conversion
· 2:00pm CET: Visa Direct: The Next Generation of Paying and Being Paid
· 3:00pm CET: Future of Payments
Client and Partner Seminars: On Wednesday, February 24 (Hall 8, Theatre ‘A’), Visa will host two half-day invitation-only client and partner events
· 10am - 1pm CET: Visa Developer Program
· 2:00 - 5:30pm CET: Visa Ready Summit
WHEN: February 22-25, 2016
WHERE: Mobile World Congress 2016, Visa booth (Hall 6, Stand 6D40)
If you are a member of the media attending Mobile World Congress and would like to meet with a Visa executive, please contact us at Follow us on Twitter @VisaNews and visit for news and updates throughout the event.
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