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2016-02-18 23:00
Kurt Salmon Announces New Global Leadership
NEW YORK--(Business Wire/Korea Newswire) February 18, 2016 -- Management consulting firm Kurt Salmon is pleased to announce two global leadership changes that will enhance the 80-year-old firm’s growth opportunities, innovation capabilities and client service in its industry-leading retail and health care groups.

Brooks Kitchel has been named chief executive officer of Kurt Salmon. He was most recently managing partner for Kurt Salmon North America and head of the firm’s prestigious Global Retail and Consumer Group.

Madison Riley, managing partner for the Asia Pacific business and previously managing partner for North America, has been named chief operating officer of the global firm and will spearhead efforts to identify and realize opportunities to improve business operations.

The moves advance two leaders recognized for their commitment to their colleagues and to innovation, transformation and client service. Kitchel was named one of Consulting magazine’s Top 25 Consultants for Client Service and Leadership in 2009, while Riley has held leadership positions in the retail and consumer products industry, served on the board for the Retail Industry Leaders Association and currently serves on the board for the Association of Management Consulting Firms.

“Together, Brooks and Madison have nearly a half-century with Kurt Salmon. They’ve held a broad array of critical leadership roles, and, in combination, they possess the wisdom and mettle to propel us to future success,” said Nick Stagg, chief executive for Kurt Salmon parent company Management Consulting Group. “I can’t imagine a more complementary or capable team.”

For the past several years, Kitchel and Riley have been focused on growing Kurt Salmon and investing in transformative research and innovation. Most recently, Kurt Salmon helped launch the retail technology accelerator XRC Labs, acquired Kurt Salmon Digital along with its mobile and data analytics capabilities, expanded its presence in China, and invested in top talent across each of the industries it serves. The firm’s Health Care Group, which has led hospital transformation efforts since the 1950s, has lately made several strategic senior hires as it continues to expand its value-based care and health network capabilities.

“Kurt Salmon has been driving transformative innovations for its clients for decades,” Kitchel said. “Madison and I are looking forward to working together to both build on our solid history and to align our team members around the globe in the pursuit of exciting new strategic initiatives.”

About Kurt Salmon (www.kurtsalmon.com/global)

Kurt Salmon is a global management consulting firm dedicated to building the market leaders of tomorrow. More than just partnering with our clients, we ally with them, integrating ourselves seamlessly into their organizations in order to develop innovative, customized solutions for their 21st-century business issues.

Succeeding in today’s increasingly complex, consumer-driven environment is an enormous challenge. But companies need to look beyond today; they need to position themselves for continued success in the even more uncertain future. That’s where Kurt Salmon comes in.

We call it delivering “success for what’s next.” The results are transformative.


For more information or to arrange an interview with Madison Riley or Brooks Kitchel, please contact, Liz DeForest.

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