Toshiba TEC Corporation 보도자료
Toshiba Adds Nuance's AutoStore and Equitrac Document Solutions to Its Portfolio
02월 09일 16:55
Toshiba Tec Corporation (TOKYO: 6588) today announced that the document solutions of Nuance, the strategic partner of Toshiba Tec, has been added to its portfolio: A...
Toshiba Tec Enhances Business with Digital Signage Solutions
01월 13일 11:00
Toshiba Tec Corporation (TOKYO:6588) today announced the availability of digital signage to its customer base with a focus on serving organizations in the sports and...
Toshiba‘s e-STUDIO5005AC Earns Buyers Laboratory’s “Highly Recommended” and “Highly Reliable”
2016년 12월 26일
Toshiba Tec Corporation (TOKYO:6588) today announced that its latest colour Multi-function peripherals (MFP), the e-STUDIO5005AC received the Buyers Laboratory LLC’s...
Toshiba Tec's “Form & Label Solution” Optimizes Logistics Operations
2016년 12월 01일
Toshiba Tec Corporation (TOKYO:6588) today introduces its “Form & Label Solution” to save on shipping costs while optimizing logistics operations. This solution enab...
Toshiba Tec Unveils Flagship Industrial 6-Inch Width Label Printer
2016년 09월 22일
Toshiba Tec Corporation (TOKYO:6588) today unveils its newly-developed, industrial label printer, B-EX6. The 6-inch width label printer implements Toshiba’s state-of...
Toshiba Multifunction Peripherals' Outstanding Environmental Performance Achieve Excellent ECP Elite Certification
2016년 08월 30일
Toshiba Tec Corporation (TOKYO:6588) announced today that all of its newly-engineered multifunction peripherals (MFPs): the e-STUDIO2500AC series, e-STUDIO5005AC ser...
Toshiba Tec Aligns with ABBYY and Intel in Development of New MFP Series
2016년 07월 14일
Toshiba Tec Corporation (TOKYO:6588) today announced that its new series of e-STUDIO Multifunction Peripherals (MFP) was developed in partnership with ABBYY® and Int...
Toshiba Tec Unveils Five Series of New Multi-Functional Peripherals
2016년 05월 17일
Toshiba Tec Corporation (TOKYO:6588) will launch five new series of multi-function peripherals (MFP) consisting of 20 models*1 featuring a new platform design with t...
Toshiba Tec Showcased Its Solutions for the Apparel Business at Decoded Fashion in Japan
2015년 07월 14일
Toshiba Tec Corporation ( (TOKYO:6588), a leading provider of technology solutions in the retail industry announces that its solutions were s...
Toshiba Tec Establishes a Subsidiary in Malaysia
2015년 06월 03일
Toshiba Tec Corporation (TOKYO:6588) has announced that it has acquired the majority shares of its distributor, Tele Dynamics Sdn. Bhd., and has changed its name to ...
Toshiba Tec Joins Mopria Alliance to Offer Easy and Simple Mobile Printing Environment
2015년 05월 06일
Toshiba Tec (TOKYO:6588), a leading provider of technology solutions announces it joined the Mopria™ Alliance, a non-profit membership organization that promotes wir...
Toshiba Tec Wins an iF Design Award for the B-FV4D Desktop Label Printer
2015년 03월 18일
Toshiba Tec (TOKYO:6588), a leading provider of technology solutions announces that the B-FV4D desktop label printer has won an “iF Product Design Award”. This award...
Toshiba Tec Showcases the System That Prints Personalised Recommendation Brochure at EuroCIS
2015년 02월 17일
Toshiba Tec (6588), a leading provider of technology solutions announces its system which increases repurchase rate by a personalized recommendation brochure handed ...
Toshiba Tec Unveils New Cloud Service e-BRIDGE CloudConnect
2015년 02월 17일
Toshiba Tec (6588), a leading provider of technology solutions introduces its new cloud based application e-BRIDGE CloudConnect, a valuable tool that provides the ab...
Toshiba Launches a New Barcode Label Printer the B-FV4 Series
2014년 12월 17일
Toshiba Tec (TOKYO:6588), the leading provider of technology solutions operating across multiple industries, announced today the release of its new label printer the...
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Toshiba TEC Corporation
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