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Indonesia gears up for healthcare breakthrough, but tough obstacles remain in the way
2010년 09월 29일
Compared to its peers in South-east Asia, Indonesia fares poorly on both health inputs and outcomes: total healthcare spending is still far below levels in many comp...
Companies expect a more provisional workforce over the next decade, says new research from the Economist Intelligence Unit
2010년 09월 17일
Intensified competition in low-cost markets and the financial crisis have encouraged a trend towards a leaner, more contingent (contract-based) workforce. According ...
Japanese companies to look further afield for innovative talent
2010년 09월 15일
Although Japanese companies typically place less emphasis on talent management than their peers elsewhere, many are planning to look further afield for innovative em...
World counts on Chinese consumers to spend more, but new survey suggests they will remain cautious
2010년 08월 20일
Chinese consumers, both urban and rural, although optimistic about the future, remain big savers and cautious spenders, despite their government’s concerted effort t...
The squeeze is on for Asian families struggling to provide for children and elderly parents
2010년 08월 04일
As people in Asia live longer and women have children later in life, a rising number of adults are simultaneously caring for young children and ageing parents—a phen...
Corporate carbon reduction efforts put at risk by climate scepticism, finds new report
2010년 03월 30일
The past year has seen an upsurge in public scepticism about climate change, following the perceived failures of December’s Copenhagen summit and rising concerns abo...
Institutional investors set to increase exposure to Asia
2010년 03월 23일
With many developed countries weighed down with debt and facing years of sluggish growth, many investors are looking to the dynamic markets of emerging Asia as one o...
Convergence benefits elude media, telecoms and IT companies, new research finds
2010년 02월 12일
More than ten years after media, telecommunications and information technology began to converge, few companies in these industries have been able to capitalise on t...
Mobile phone operators unsure that data will drive growth
2010년 02월 10일
The rising use of data services is unlikely to sustain mobile operators’ revenue growth. Yet service providers are falling back on cost reductions and are not doing ...
Less than a fifth of companies in an Economist Intelligence Unit survey are well prepared for competition from Asia
2010년 02월 09일
Two-thirds of respondents in a survey of 1,017 executives from around the world believe that the global recession is accelerating the shift of economic activity towa...
The link between sustainability and profits remains unclear
2010년 02월 09일
Just 24% of executives in an Economist Intelligence Unit survey believe there is a strong link in the short term (1-2 years) between financial performance and commit...
Business expectations continue to rise, Economist Intelligence Unit survey shows
2010년 01월 26일
When the Corporate Expectations Barometer was launched, it was anyone’s guess how an online survey of business perceptions would fare in predicting the future. The M...
Asia’s SMEs well placed for the regional recovery
2010년 01월 20일
Having endured plummeting earnings and a financing squeeze, it is not surprising that many of Asia’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are focusing on costs ...
Global economy to recover, but outlook still highly uncertain, says Economist Intelligence Unit
2009년 12월 15일
The cyclical economic upswing in the developed world will continue into the early part of 2010 and, apart from eastern Europe, developing countries will recover rela...
Managing projects effectively is difficult even for experts, says new report
2009년 11월 19일
Companies often struggle to manage projects well, but those that do are likely to reap significant financial rewards. These are the main findings in a new study by t...
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