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취미/장난감, 아웃도어
N.Gould St.Ste R,Sheridan, WYOMING, USA
At Mars Players, it's our innovative minds that set us apart. Founded in 2022, Mars Players is a global company specializing in providing innovative outdoor gear with ultimate experience. Our goal is to bring inspiration and innovation to all outdoor enthusiasts. We are the pioneer of the E-Core Camping concept (with E standing for Electrify, Elegant and Environmentally friendly) that aims at enhancing the outdoor experience for campers, outdoor enthusiasts, and rescue workers around the world. Our founder Leo always knew he wanted to create disruptive tech to make things easier for outdoors lovers. The inspiration for Mars Players came from an unexpected experience of being trapped in the Himalayas. The cold weather, lack of food and unsafe conditions that he survived made him rethink the function of outdoor camping gear. This difficult experience inspired him to take on the challenge of creating multifunctional outdoor gear that satisfies the needs of every adventure.