COMPUTEX TAIPEI Moves into the New Ear with Green Technology and Precision Design

2009-06-09 13:19

Taipei--(뉴스와이어) 2009년 06월 09일 -- The worlds leading ICT event COMPUTEX TAIPEI has been held on 2 - 6 June. The five-day exhibition has attracted numerous international professions and players to showcase the most advanced technologies as well as the best innovative products. While global companies tend to put more efforts into Green Technology and Precision Design product developments, more electronic components and end-user products apply with green concepts that will drive future markets. Being the head of global ICT industry, Taiwan manufacturers have shown ambitious to provide a full range of green products through the whole supply chain. In addition, to showcase their capabilities to connect with energy-saving, cost-reducing and green-power industrial design trend.
Saving Green for New Generation Technology

At the COMPUTEX TAIPEI CEO Summit Forum, Ike Harris, VP, Notebook Supply Chain, Personal System Group, HP has particularly indicated that 2% of the global carbon emission is generated by IT industry. Among all, PC and monitor account for 39% of IT-related products while servers and cooling devices account for another 23%. Ike mentioned, that every IT company should take their responsibility to cool down our earth, particularly to penetrate eco-friendly, energy-saving and environmental-sustainable resources into current production and research-and-development sectors. These considerable product lines include CPU, HDD, PCB, power supply, LED backlight and NB. Intel Ultra-Low Voltage Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 dual core processor and 50% less power consumption HDD from Hitachi EcoTrac Travelstart5K500.B new range are some examples. The Travelstart5K500.B HDD even claims to achieve REACHs no-halogen PCB standard.

COMPUTEX TAIPEI is the best indicator to foresee computer products trend. Launched in the second season of this year, Intel ULV has specifically positioned at 11-inch to 13-inch NB market. Due to power-efficiency ULV platform, balance-price and ultra-thin, CULV NB will bring more possibility at mainstream system price points.

Taiwan suppliers who are specialized in rapid market demand response also take further steps to emphasize at green design and green marketing. Leading brands such as ACER, ASUS, MSI and GIGABYTE all introduce a number of CULV NB ranges. The market also forecasts that CULV NB may also overlap Netbook market by the end of 2009 due to fierce price competition. CULV NB has significant potential to grab the first and second computer market opportunity. Moreover, CULV NB and Netbook will drive the whole NB market growth in 2009.

In power supply sector, COMPUCASE Enterprise has launched its full range of 80PLUS Bronze, Silver and Gold standards. These power supplies all achieve minimum 80% conversion efficiency rate at any target power loading condition. 80PLUS is the new black to identify quality power-saving products now. The GIGABYTE ODIN Plus serial deploys ultra durable solid capacitor technology as well as 80PLUS Bronze ready. Moreover, GIGABYTE ODIN GT power supply range also presents software controlled PSU which allows users to adjust suitable wattage, current, voltage, temperature and fan speed. The module cable management design further gives end-user a better option when considering "sufficient" green power usage.

To further extend the sufficient concept, SSD is another ideal green consideration. Exhibitors such as TRANSCEND, A-DATA and APACER have clearly positioned its SDD market segment with advantages such as slimmer, less energy usage, quieter and anti-shock. On the other hand, company such as ASIA VITAL COMPONENTS also introduced environmental-friendly fans. Its upcoming biodegradable fan frame that developed together with international partner is going to launch by the end of this year too. Meanwhile, one winner of the Best Choice-Green ICT Award, ACER K10 pocket projector, also benefits from its handful appearance, 550g light weight, LED project lamp and mercury-free features that only consume 20% power than traditional projector.

Apart from energy-saving IT products, options such as solar power, fuel cell and LED applications are highly stressed too at the show ground. COMPUTEX TAIPEI is certainly the most ultimate trading platform in the global ICT industry together with complete green product solutions to meet global market demands.

Precision Design is Key to Drive Market

From manufacturing to design, global IT companies not only aim at better product appearance but also material, outfit, technical, color scheme and packaging. It is essential to enhance good quality as well as value-added concept. COMPUTEX TAIPEI thus is also the platform for Taiwan suppliers to compete their new innovations and creativities before stepping into the global market too. Design & Innovation Award and Best Choice of COMPUTEX TAIPEI Award presented by the organizers and iF aims at encouraging precision design products.

Whether are the winners or candidates, most of the selected products tend to present the guideline of simple is good, fine line cut and fashion. User-friendly and easy-to-operate are also taken into account when considering seamlessly user experience. For instance, SpinQ CPU Cooler by THERMALTAKE TECHNOLOGY, adopts spiral fins and two-way cold air intake utility tower design which both provides 360 degree heat dissipation and excellent user experience. Other products such as BONE ZOO USB flash drive by FRUITSHOP INTERNATIONAL and A-DATA octopus pouting mouth USB flash drive both equip with creative and lovely elements into product design process. These somehow charming ideas turn so-called stereotype cold technology into beautiful daily collection.

Furthermore, "real-time finger touch" and "interaction interface" have generally taken one place to drive future development. The newly launched MICROSOFT Windows 7 at COMPUTEX TAIPEI this year has gathered more than 60 hardware and software partners to transfer a number of outstanding operation features onto a variety of practical consumer products. Real-time, interactive, graphic interface are keys for next generation communications. SHARP, who launched its new personalize notebook in Japan in April, is a great example. This new Mebius PC-NJ70Apro notebook equips an optical sensor LCD pad that supports normal mouse gesture, hand writing as well as some interactive small features such as calculator, dictionary and gaming. Its renewable touch pad wallpaper and replaceable cover case definitely attracts female users market. Besides, US-based FUGOO, who also demonstrates its digital home entertainment box that combines Windows 7, VIA C7 CPU and Wi-Fi technology which easily networks with digital photo frame, coffee machine, music players and many more home appliances. This popular digital home entertainment box certainly pictures future lifestyle in various possible aspects. The special guest speech of MICROSOFT Forum 2009 on 3rd June, FUGOO Co-Chairman, John Hui, also briefly presented how FUGOO bring the idea of "Windows Makes Life Simpler" into daily life. Easy but efficient and entertaining communication experiences are keys to shape future life.

Being the most important platform in ICT industry, COMPUTEX TAIPEI has reached another record high with more than 4,498 booths to showcase at Hall 1 and Hall 3 of Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei International Convention Center as well as Nangang Exhibition Hall. With such a large exhibition scale, Taiwan further ensures its key role in the global ICT industry as well as its pioneering position in driving future ICT markets.


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