Universal Frame, d’strict’s Micorsoft Surface-based UX Solution, Showcased in the 2009 F/W Show of Fendi

서울--(뉴스와이어)--“Fendi , the Italian luxury fashion house meets digital”

A digital design company d’strict recently became the talk of town by showcasing the world’s first commercial gesture sensing hologram at Samsung’s global launch show of JET. It presented the UX solution “Universal Frame” to the public at the 2009 F/W show of Fendi, an Italian fashion power house, in Korea.

Universal Frame embraces MS Surface and multiple touchscreens developed by Microsoft, to integrate a digital camera, printer, screen, and mobile phone devices in a wireless network and provide the user an innovative digital experience. This was the first time Universal Frame was set to commercial brand space in Korea, as well as the first time it was adopted in a high fashion show worldwide.

Everyone who attended the Fendi fashion show was able to enjoy the new collection not only through the models’ walk on the catwalk but also through their own hand movements on the multi-touch screen. The image transmission function for the items of one’s choice to his/her mobile phone or email account, in particular, was enthusiastically received. The innovative digital experience provided to the fashion show attendees also included the drag and display function for pictures from a digital camera on the flat-screen display panel and the printing function that adds the user signature and connects the system to a printer through the wireless network.

d’strict was first founded in 2004 as a website and mobile UI design company, and it added the multiple touchscreen, gesture sensing display, and other interactive hardware and software to its business areas from 2006. Universal Frame is the first UX solution to be developed through d’strict’s R&D project. It was showcased to represent Seoul the design capital at the Milano Design Fair in April 2009, and it was put to commercial use for the first time in Korea through the Fendi fashion show.

Eun-seok Choi, CEO of d’strict stated, “Universal Frame can be easily controlled with simple hand motions like touch, drag, and rub. Without the need to learn the complex mechanical language or device control techniques for command input, everyone, of all ages and genders, can enjoy the wonderful and refreshing world of the future. This makes the solution’s potential limitless in the public sector, including schools, museums, and exhibition venues, as well as in consumer goods sector where Fendi belongs. d’strict’s UX solution will be showcased in many more areas to increase the public exposure and awareness in the near future.”

About d’strict
d‘strict is a Samsung venture global UX design consulting firm comprised of 120 strategists, designers and developers. Based on a variety of platforms, including Web, mobile, product, space and new media, the company provides innovative user experience design to leading businesses, schools and public organizations in Korea and other countries. The company’s clients include Samsung, SK Telecom, Yahoo! and other top tier organizations. d’strict has been recognized by internationally prominent design awards, including the London International Award in Interactive Media, iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award. For more information, please visit www.dstrict.com

About Fendi
In 1925, the house of Fendi was born with the establishment of the first handbag shop and fur workshop in Rome by the young couple Edoardo and Adele Fendi. Based on Roman craftsmanship, Fendi has presented high quality hand-made leather products, mordern style fur and fashion items full of originality. Led by two creative directors, Karl Lagerfeld and Sivia Venturini, Fendi has over 160 boutiques in some 25 countries around the world.

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