Samsung Launches Application Store in Europe

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2009-08-31 16:08

Seoul--(뉴스와이어) 2009년 08월 31일 -- Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd today announced that it will launch a new on-device application store for Samsung Smartphone users on September 14th.

The Application Store will open in the UK, France and Italy, with more than 30 countries including Germany and Spain to follow. Initially, the store will be accessible to users of Omnia and I8910 HD devices and later expand to other models such as Omnia II (Model Name: I8000) and OmniaLITE (Model Name: B7300).

The Samsung Application Store allows users to browse a variety of applications including games, references, social networking, e-books and health-related tools (e.g. pedometer, eye test, etc) that are easily downloaded with one click.

In order to activate the service, Omnia and I8910 HD users will need to upgrade their devices. Omnia customers can download and install the mobile client from the website I8910 HD customers can simply upgrade their software by selecting the Application Download icon on their phones. For more details, please visit the website,

The on-device client is available in English, French and Italian and supports credit card and phone billing through the mobile application store. Users who haven’t signed up as a member of the Application Store can purchase free applications and paid applications through the phone billing payment option. Additional languages, devices and features will be added throughout the year.

The Application Store is designed to automatically display the relevant application catalog available for a user’s specific Samsung mobile phone model, and works over cellular networks and Wi-Fi.

Over 300 native applications meeting Samsung’s content guidelines will be available at launch, expected to grow to over 2,000 by the end of 2009. Gameloft, Electronic Arts, Handmark, TAITO, Paragon SW, Capcom, Com2us, Prompt, Pearson Longman, Bokan Tech and Diotek are among the providers of applications to the Samsung Application Store.

“Samsung is a proven leader in delivering a fantastic end-to-end mobile experience and continues to demonstrate its dedication to its customers with the new Samsung Application Store,” said Paul Reddick, CEO of Handmark. “As the exclusive content aggregator for the store, we are excited to bring the largest catalogue of both Handmark content as well as popular titles from our extensive network of partners to Samsung customers on day one.”

“With the launch of the Application Store, Samsung will increase mobile phone sales and add value for its mobile customers through the availability of carefully selected applications,” said Hosoo Lee, Executive Vice President of Samsung’s Media Solution Center. “The Application Store will expand the service channel, not only on handheld devices but also on PCs through the launch of new PC software. The software will allow customers to download applications and manage them on a PC to maximize service usability.”

Users can browse the website,, for details, see featured applications and participate in online events.

Earlier this year, Samsung launched its seller site ( for application developers and content providers enabling them to distribute and sell their applications directly to Samsung Smartphone users.

Samsung Application Store will be demonstrated at the IFA 2009, the IT and CE trade show, in Berlin from September 4th to 9th. Please visit to experience the newly launched Samsung Application Store at Hall 20.

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