A showcase for domestic and overseas cars, Busan International Motor Show 2010 will kick off on April 30th

2010-04-02 15:00

부산--(뉴스와이어) 2010년 04월 02일 -- Under the theme of “Drive Green, Live Clean” the Busan International Motor Show 2010 (BIMOS 2010 hereafter) will kick off with a press preview on April 29th. Starting with the opening ceremony on April 30th, BIMOS 2010 will run until May 9th for 11days and it will be held at the Exhibition Hall in the Busan Exhibition & Convention Center (BEXCO), Busan, Korea.

The show, which marks its fifth year, has attracted more than 1 million visitors for three consecutive years contributed to becoming a leading international motor show in East Asian region. Due to the lack of the participation from overseas carmakers, many critics have expressed concerns over the size of the show dominated with the Korean domestic carmakers. With 30days left let's take a look at the overview and the characteristics of the show.

Quality over Quantity

First, by looking at the participating carmakers will include all five major domestic carmakers which include Hyundai Motor, Kia Motors, GM Daewoo, Renault Samsung Motors, and SsangYong Motor. All the major domestic brands from Korea are expected to introduce their new line ups at BIMOS 2010. Also, the commercial vehicles makers, Hyundai Motor Company Truck & Bus, Kia Motors, and Daewoo Bus will take a part in the show as well. Meanwhile in regards to the participation from the overseas vehicle which are getting a great deal of public attention, we have two overseas car makers participating in the BIMOS 2010. Britain‘s traditional sports car brand, Lotus and Japan’s 4WD specialty brand, Subaru will make their first debut in Korean motor show

Meet James Bond 007's Car! Traditional British Sports Car, LOTUS

Lotus, Britain's hand-made sports car brand mostly known from its appearance in 007 James Bond movies will announce its new model Evora which will make its debut in Korea at the BIMOS 2010. Evora, which is a new model released from Lotus for the first time in three years in Korea will be enough attract visitors with its exotic and unique design. A representative from Lotus commented that “We decided to participate in the BIMOS 2010 because the release date of Evora and the date of the BIMOS 2010 overlapped; We will take this opportunity to advertise our new model in this big event”. Aside from Evora, Lotus will also display its sports car line up which includes Elise SC and Exige S240.


The Japanese auto brand Subaru which officially announced its launch into Korea market in the last January will participate in the BIMOS 2010 in April. The company hopes to take the opportunity in preparation for their sales in Korea. BIMOS 2010 will be their first showcase in Korea and to Korean consumers.

Subaru was the first carmaker in the world to introduce the 4WD vehicle in 1972 and was named the ‘Most Safest Car’ from Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS). Subaru's sales were up 15% in America from previous year amid economic crisis evidence that it has become a hot brand to watch. Also, Subaru was selected as the best SUV, according an announcement made in Canada last year.

At BIMOS 2010, Subaru will display 3 models which include medium size sedan, Legacy (2500cc, 3600cc), Crossover utility vehicle (CUV), Outback (2500cc, 3600cc) and Forester (2500cc). A company representative from Subaru Korea commented “Our decision to participate in the BIMOS 2010 was determined before the company's plan to enter Korean market; since it is our first showcase to Korean customers we are doing our best to prepare for the BIMOS 2010”

Besides, complying with the nation‘s growing interest in green growth and environmental friendly vehicles, electronic vehicle manufacturer Powerplaza and Mint will also participate in the show. Especially, Busan Gyeongnam Industrial Textile Association will introduce its first showcase of a motor vehicle with special fabric materials is expected to gain popularity from industrial fabric industries. For auto parts and accessories, Busan’s representative auto parts and accessories companies such as DRB Dong IL, Gwangjin Wintech and a number of companies will participate to display a cutting-edge technology in automotive parts and accessories industry.

Also, BIMOS 2010 will display around 50 tuning cars in the exhibition hall along with other carmakers will provide a unique opportunity for visitors to see original and tuning cars altogether in one place.

Experience the 3D Gaming on Sony Playstation

To celebrate May as the month for families, BIMOS 2010 is packed with variety of special and exciting events. In the Grand Exhibition Experience Zone, visitors will be able to experience the first showcase of 3D gaming experience with Sony’s Playstation. Remote Controlled car racing event will take place in outdoor exhibition area and Car Audio festival will also take place in the outside exhibition area for families and car audio manias. Besides all the exciting events, Car Giveaway will take place each day along with other events of which many visitors can participate in various places around the exhibition hall.

In addition, the admission ticket cost for students (applied up to high school) and general admission is 3,000 and 6,000 respectively. If you pre-register for the motor show which begins on March 29th, 1,000 will be deducted from the original cost. You can reserve the tickets online on Pop Busan (www.popbusan.com) from March 29th through April 29th. Also, the tickets are available on Busan Bank branches all throughout the city.

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