d'strict Unveils ‘Live Park’ the World’s First User Generated 4D Theme Park at ‘Asian Attraction Expo 2011’

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Jun. 21, 2011 10:50
SINGAPORE AND NEW YORK--(Korea Newswire)--d‘strict, a New York and Seoul based 4D creative company, announced that it will unveil ‘Live Park’ for the very first time at the Asian Attraction Expo 2011, the largest theme park exhibition in Asia. The expo, with d’strict as a gold sponsor, will be held this year in the World Resort Convention Center in Sentosa, Singapore on June 22nd - 24th. During the expo d’strict will show a preview of ‘Live Park,’ the very first 4D theme park that will be launched later this year.

‘Live Park’ is d‘strict’s undertaking of a 4D attraction platform consisting of 8 attraction zones, 13 adventures, 3 mixed reality performances and 3 mobile & web integration service platforms in the state of the art 3 acre facility.

‘Live Park’ is a new kind of entertainment platform using the world‘s leading convergent technologies and crossover based on storytelling integration. Various genres such as spatial interactive games, mixed reality, and hologram performances are applied to it. Also there is the world’s largest 360 degree panoramic 3 dimension screen and 150m x 9 m supersized screen where users are able to engage with their mobile device. What's different about ‘Live Park,’ compared to other 4D rides, is people will be the one creating the adventure. ‘Live Park’ makes visitors drive the story forward similarly to an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game), but it will satisfy a virtual and tangible real world experience.

Mana Sound, a part of the solutions of ‘Live Park,’ will be displayed for the first time during the expo. This program adds elements to ‘Live Park’ in which beautiful sound is created by simple body movement, and is expressed as augmented reality via the display screen simultaneously. Also at the booth, people will be able to experience the Universal Frame, a multi-touch based ‘Live Park’ platform.

Eunseok Chey, the CEO and creative director of d‘strict, said, “Live Park is a never before seen next-generation mixed-reality attraction. It is a global service platform integrating the innovative technologies and creativity of d’strict, in which d‘strict has prepared for last 3 years.” and “Live Park will be a great milestone showing the world a complete revolution in the future of the theme park model.” Also ‘Live Park’ will open to the global media and investment partners at a testing facility for Live Park in August 2011, prior to the launch in November 2011.

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D‘strict is an award-winning and one of the world’s leading 4D creative companies based in New York and Seoul. The company is the sole distributer, developer, producer, and presenter of the Live Park global service, a game changing theme park and entertainment platform in which a person can physically participate and interact with various 4D adventure platform.

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