WISH Company emerges with a unique deal with Everyday, Malaysia’s no.1 social commerce

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Oct. 20, 2011 11:36
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--The collaboration between WISH Company(CEO: SungHo Park) and Everyday, Malaysia’s no. 1 social commerce started on the 14nd of October with an unexpectedly hot reaction. Ciracle’s Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet and Pore Control Tightening Serum SET is the hot products on for the deal.

This social commerce deal was unique; the products were directly shipped to Malaysia from Korea. This was the very first time products were directly shipped abroad through a social commerce deal. WISH company has plan to collaborate more with many countries in Asia.

The deal had surprising outcomes. Although the Ciracle coupon was the most expensive of all the coupons at the time on Everyday, the responses were HOT. Over 90% of the products were sold, that were arranged by WISH Company. This particular deal was intended to look into the potential of the Malaysian market where expectations were not as high as the astounding actual outcome.

There are disparate variables that came into play for the success of the deal in Malaysia; one significant element being credibility. WISH Company has been successfully selling these products through their global B2B, B2C shopping mall WISHtrend.com. Along with the wide range of products on WISHtrend.com, there were instructional videos and consumer reviews in English, which also contributed in building the credibility level of WISH Company in Malaysia.

Additionally, the fame of Ciracle’s products in Hong Kong and Thailand, along with the rising interest levels in Korea and Korea’s beauty products in the South Eastern Asian region also had a large role in the success of the deal. Another factor pitching was the success the story behind Ciracle’s products with social commerce ‘One a day’, where they sold 25,000 items in a day.

WISH Company stated that “The direct shipping process that was exhibited in the deal with ‘Everyday’ is an effective route for local Korean beauty brands to move into the global market. Moreover, Wish Company is in the process of successfully establishing a global beauty blogger network to aid in the international movement of Korean beauty brands. Another solution that they currently possess is their global shopping mall, WISHtrend.com.

Through the deal with Everyday, WISHtrend.com – the global shopping mall operated by WISH Company – is slowly seeing the light and gaining more interest in the global market. They plan on introducing new brands in September and will initiate a large-scale global marketing plan.

WISHtrend: http://www.wishtrend.com

Website: https://www.wishcompany.net/


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