Korea’s Pioneer in men’s grooming Hankyun Kim A.K.A Whanso kyun steps foot into the global market with his very own cosmetic brand ‘WHAN’

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Feb. 03, 2012 13:05
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--Author of the men‘s beauty book ’Whanso kyun‘s grooming book’ and a pioneer in men‘s grooming in Korea, Hankyun Kim (A.K.A. Whanso kyun) launched his very own cosmetic brand ’WHAN‘. WHAN’s Skin Care for Men, in collaboration with Mutnam (Korea‘s no. 1 men’s fashion online shopping mall) has shown promising growth in just 2 months.

WHAN‘s Skin Care for Men consists of 6 products: Triple Effect Men’s Cleansing, Trouble Control Water Toner, Men‘s Total Effect Break Solution, Men’s Cloaking Cream, Men's Cloaking Concealer, and Rolling Spot. These 6 products are cleansers, mists, whitening, moisturizing & anti-wrinkle function essences, concealers and trouble controllers respectively. Currently, the cloaking cream is building up its reputation in the Korean market.

Brand master Hankyun Kim stated the reason for the current hype is due to the customization of the products. To elaborate, WHAN‘s product line is specially designed for Korean Male skin types with a wide variety of items. Hankyun Kim wanted the product line to be attractive enough so that even the women would want to use it. He shared that he will endeavor to launch new products that will lead the men’s grooming culture.

WHAN‘s spotlight isn’t just limited in the Korean market. With its partner ship with WISHCompany and their private global shopping mall WISHTrend (www.wishtrend.com), men in the global market are actively portraying their interest in WHAN‘s product line. Along with love-calls from international buyers, WHAN’s entrance into the global market bound to accelerate in 2012.

WISHTrend is an online mall that distributes Korea's beauty, fashion, and culture. Products featured on WISHTrend are used globally, including the U.S and European nations. Recently, it has gained booming interest in Asia, particularly in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

WISHCompany has already successfully launched ‘GATZ’, a premium men‘s beauty brand in Singapore, and Malaysia. WISHCompany’s CEO Sungho Park mentioned that "The Korean men‘s beauty market is the largest in the world, that has the eyes of global brands observing carefully. 2012 will be the year where the men’s grooming brands of Korea will receive the limelight. Through WISHTrend, we plan on sharing the quality and excellence with our consumers and buyers. Also to transform these interests into exporting contracts to strategically grasp the global market.

WISHCompany along with WHAN's Brand master Hankyun Kim are planning on creating Youtube videos to communicate with the global consumers.

Website: https://www.wishcompany.net/