GfK launches real-time customer feedback, combining transaction data and User Experience design

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GfK Korea
Nov. 07, 2013 11:20
NUREMBERG, GERMANY--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--GfK today unveiled GfK Echo, an agile end-to-end customer experience management solution that captures customer feedback in real-time, aggregates the responses and communicates this to managers and employees, so they can take immediate action.

The new product integrates enterprise-wide customer feedback with transaction and other critical data, to deliver a holistic view of customer satisfaction. Results are delivered to the client through an interactive dashboard that uses data visualizations to reveal trends, send up warning flags and highlight achievements for individual units up to enterprise level.

GfK Echo is unique in that it goes beyond simply pointing out improvement opportunities. As the largest provider of User Experience (UX) research in the world, GfK also provides the option of activating the findings from GfK Echo through UX analysis. This is done by bringing together their experts in customer experience, advanced analytics and UX design to go deep into the issues and opportunities detected by GfK Echo. This helps clients optimize or redesign their operations and produce fundamental changes in overall customer experience.

Dan Zuckerman, Global Product Manager at GfK, comments, “GfK Echo sets a new standard for customer feedback that goes beyond simply pointing out improvement opportunities. Our powerful combination of technology and consultancy allows our clients to uncover new opportunities to enhance their performance, boost efficiency and maximize the lifetime value of each customer.”

To find out more about how GfK Echo can enhance and improve your customer experience, or for details on how to contact your local expert, please contact Dan Zuckerman at +1 973 599 3550 or . You can also visit or follow GfK on Twitter:



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