GfK Launches End-to-End Strategic Innovation Process, Based on Unique Market Analysis Framework

- GfK Innovation Roadmap guides complete innovation strategy, delivering powerful innovation pipeline and comprehensive blueprint for activation

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November 13, 2013 14:05
NUREMBERG, GERMANY--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire) November 13, 2013 -- GfK today announced the launch of GfK Innovation Roadmap: an end-to-end strategic innovation process that guides an organization’s entire innovation journey - from growth plans to launch - by exploring market dynamics, identifying market opportunities and enabling market impact. This innovation process uses focused deliverables at every milestone to provide actionable growth plans, a pipeline of compelling innovation initiatives and a blueprint for how to activate.

“A key distinction of GfK Innovation Roadmap is that it is based on our unique and holistic market analysis framework. This first-to-market process lets us capture and analyze the dynamic interrelationship between evolving consumer needs and the benefits offered by the market, and then evaluate these against an organization’s competencies and assets,” said Marilyn Raymond, global head of GfK’s Market Opportunities & Innovation product group. “In this way, GfK Innovation Roadmap takes a unique approach by leveraging foresight to identify tomorrow’s ownable strategic innovation opportunities.”

GfK Innovation Roadmap is a process that includes five milestone deliverables, each designed to focus and develop innovation efforts at every phase of the innovation journey, from strategy to creation, evaluation and forecasting:
·Future market map - tomorrow’s market opportunities grounded in rich, emotional benefit territories
·Strategic innovation platforms - an organization’s business competencies, aligned to market opportunities to define ownable platforms for growth
·Compelling experiences - new experience propositions, guaranteeing effective delivery of desired benefits
·Innovation management plan - optimized proposition mix for maximum market impact and ROI
·Strategic Innovation Roadmap - sequenced pipeline of compelling new experiences to take to market, validated against market criteria, with activation plan

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Simon Pulman Jones
Director, Market Opportunity and Innovation
+1 44 20 7890 9246

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