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April 09, 2014 14:02
  • TNP succeeded in making a mold using a diffusion bonding of two metals.

    TNP succeeded in making a mold using a diffusion bonding of two metals.

CHUNGJU--(Korea Newswire) April 09, 2014 -- The development of technology goes in hand in hand with the development of tools. Once all tools were imported, but now Korea grew to export tools with the development of technology and increasing investment. And the leader behind this achievement of tool export is TNP Co., Ltd. (CEO Jaewoo Lee).

Established in 1974, TNP has been manufacturing fasteners used in different industries such as shipbuilding, aviation, electronics, and construction. It is the top mold manufacturer in Korea and a global company with 60% of its sales coming from overseas - Europe, North America, Australia.

TNP has 9 patents including ‘long bolt straightening dice’, ‘sleeting and trimming tools and their manufacturing method’, ‘cubic boron nitride (CBN) tools and their manufacturing method’. And the company continues to develop more.
Such efforts were rewarded with various awards such as Presidential Citation for 2013 SME Technology Innovation Contest, 2011 Top Venture Company Award, 2010 Presidential Citation, and Chungcheonbukdo SME Award.

Recently, the company succeeded in developing a mold that applied diffused bonding of two metals. This new technique uses the diffusion of atoms generated where the two metals come together. Once bonded, there is less thermal stress and deformation. Also, material barely deteriorates due to environmental changes. The technique allows bonding of two different materials as well as bonding in a complex form. This technology has been used since February this year as it was contracted out to a domestic automobile conglomerate.

CEO Jaewoo Lee said with conviction, “We will continue to challenge and develop technologies to maintain as a leader in the industry.”



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