WEBGATE, New release of 8 / 16ch Penta-brid HD DVR

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October 30, 2014 13:23

GUNPO--(Korea Newswire) October 30, 2014 -- Daemyung Enterprise WEBGATE division (www.webgateinc.com) released two Penta-brid HD DVR models supporting diverse video input formats including analog and digital.

8ch DVR, HSC801F-D and 16ch DVR, HSC1601F-D can support digital HD-SDI cameras of HD1080p and HD720p, conventional analog cameras of 410K and 520K pixels, and DoubleReachTM (which is fully compatible with EX-SDI) video format. DVR detects video formats automatically, supports real time and full-frame recording, and provides lossless, natural playback video at all split-screen modes.

One of the major features of these Penta-brid DVR is the support for DoubleReachTM technology which enables the longer distance transmission of high quality HD video. That is, because DVR has built-in DoubleReachTM receiver circuit for all video input channels, HD video of DoubleReach format can be directly connected to DVR without any additional equipment like repeater or receiver as well as supporting maximum 400m video transmission.

Also, when a DVR’s owner wants to get video through internet and mobile phone, the owner should have to configure the complicated port-forwarding setting of a router. But, HSC801F-D/HSC1601F-D adopted P2P(Peer-to-Peer) function by default and solved such kinds of difficulties. That is to say, the owner may input a unique UID provided with DVR into iPhone or Android phone App, or he/she may take a photo of QR code which is displayed on the DVR menu. This simple DVR registration to mobile App allows easy DVR connection and monitoring of real time video.

Up to 2 hard disks can be installed and 1 eSATA port is prepared for external storage expansion. Also, these DVRs provide 3 kinds of video output methods. HDMI, VGA ports are for Full-HD display, and user can define the split-screen and can do switching the defined screens through the analog BNC port.

By additional line up of 2 Penta-brid DVR models following the release of HS1600F-D DVR, WEBGATE is satisfying various requests from the CCTV market, and approaching to the customers who want the best recording solution for diverse video format, longer transmission distance of HD video.

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Daemyung Enterprise WEBGATE division
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