NCH Korea provides ‘Torrent’, its high-performance partswasher, for Samjung Automission’s auto parts remanufacturing business

- Deployed Torrent, which blocks splashing of residues or volatile odor during the process of eliminating residues, such as solvent

- Reduces work time by 50% compared to using hand-held brush, since Torrent can completely wash away grease spots beyond reach with high-pressure spraying of washer fluid

- Dramatically improves the health and safety of employees, as improve overall work environment.

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Jul. 09, 2015 11:44
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--NCH Korea( today announced that it is providing ‘Torrent’, its environmental-friendly high-performance partswasher, for Samjung Automission’s auto parts remanufacturing business.

Samjung Automission has been operating an automatic transmission factory for 35 years since 1979. At present, Samjung Automission has become a vendor specializing in fixing automatic transmission of imported cars, and has been growing steadily. Also, it is an authorized service center of ZF, Germany’s largest auto parts provider and the original producer of automatic transmission. It directly imports automatic transmission parts, and is supported with technical information, equipments, electronic test machines and parts, to operate import car remanufacturing business.

In particular, remanufacturing business may result in 50% reduction in cost, 60% reduction in energy consumption, 70% reduction in raw materials used, and 80% reduction in pollutant displacement, and therefore, it is gaining attention as a green product. In fact, size of this remanufacturing business is about USD 150 billion globally. Therefore, Samjung Automission focuses on remanufacturing of automatic transmission for imported luxury cars, and has been improving overall services, from pricing and quality to a systematic testing and repairing.

Samjung Automission aimed to deploy enclosed partswasher, which can be used after the 1st step cleansing of the automatic transmission used for remanufacturing. The enclosed partswasher is to block splashing of residues or volatile odor during the process of eliminating residues, such as solvent. Samjung Automission finally decided to deploy Torrent, NCH Korea’s high-performance partswasher.

Samjung Automission tested equipment performance level, chemical used, stability and cleansing effect of the automatic transmission for 3 months. Users now do not have to inhale or directly touch harmful substances, and therefore, Samjung Automission reconfirmed the safety and excellence of the product.
Automatic transmission is composed of more than 300 parts. NCH Torrent is mainly used for cleansing various small metal parts, mission housing and valve body, or in removing oil from oil pan.

Samjung Automission was able to reduce work time by 50% compared to using hand-held brush, since Torrent can completely wash away grease spots beyond reach with high-pressure spraying of washer fluid. In particular, the company was able to dramatically improve the health and safety of the employees, who are in charge of cleansing, as well as to improve overall work environment.

“Since the deployment of NCH’s Torrent, chemical odour, like the one from solvent, was removed from worksites, dramatically improving work environment. In particular, NCH continuously visited us after sales, to provide professional service such as equipment maintenance service and washer fluid management. We were able to use the equipment safely, and at the same time, improve productivity of the employees”, said WonSeob Song, Representative Director of Samjung Automission.

“Torrent is an ISO-compliant environmental-friendly and ECO-MARK certified solution that reduces harmful waste generation rate. It plays a huge role in Samjung Automission’s auto parts remanufacturing business. We will focus on stably providing NCH’s various products, which may improve quality of parts, and may be used in cleansing and keeping equipment clean”, said Ku Lee, director, NCH Korea.

NCH Korea announced that Torrent 400, its environmental-friendly high-performance partswasher, has obtained ECO MARK from the Ministry of Environment ( and Korean Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (, as its ability to reduce waste and harmful substances emission was recognized. NCH Korea has also obtained high-performance certification in the past.

** Torrent ( is a fully-integrated and enclosed unit that protects employees from direct contact with cleaning solutions. Traditional parts washers are known to expose users to harmful hydrocarbons, noxious fumes and fire hazards. Torrent uses a water based solution, providing a safer working environment and eliminating the financial and environmental burden of disposing of solvents; Torrent cuts hazardous waste fees up to 8x. With cleaning time taking 1 minute for 90% of parts, Torrent 500 is reliable and easy to use. It has optimized visibility thanks to the enlarged window and the engineered lid provides durable, hard wearing use.
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