NCH launches 3 new ‘PARTSMASTER’ products including X-RUST 7, the pH neutral rust removal solution

- Product for emergency repairing that may be used when issues occur with metal equipment parts or piping

- 3 new PARTSMASTER products launched, namely △X-RUST 7 which is pH neutral rust remover, △SALVAGE 2+, which is rust encapsulator, encapsulating rust by penetrating into rust on the surface of metal, and △STAY PUT, which is used for coating stainless metal.

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Sep. 08, 2015 13:15
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--NCH today announced that its PARTSMASTER business unit is launching 3 new products, including ‘X-RUST 7’, which is for rust removal.

NCH announced 3 new PARTSMASTER products namely ▲X-RUST 7 which is pH neutral rust remover, ▲SALVAGE 2+, which is rust encapsulator, encapsulating rust by penetrating into rust on the surface of metal, and ▲STAY PUT, which is used for coating stainless metal.

NCH’s Partsmaster is a product for emergency repairing that may be used when issues occur with metal equipment parts or piping. Partsmaster can reduce downtime to stop facilities when there is a need to replace metal parts or piping, or allows fixing facilities in a limited time. It can also reduce cost for parts replacement.

Following are the main characteristics of Partsmaster’s new products, X-RUST 7, Salvage 2+ and Stay Put.

X-RUST 7: X-RUST 7 is a powerful pH neutral rust removal solution, and removes rust from carbon steel, wrought steel, cast iron and ferrous metal. It also removes discoloration of copper alloys. In particular, being pH neutral, X-Rust 7 does not harm brass, copper, aluminum, titanium, solder, vinyl, plastic, rubber, wood or glass.

X-Rust 7 is a highly concentrated formula, and may remove 12kgs of rust with 20L. Also, it is easy to use - after removing dust and oil, the object is deeped into a solution, in which X-Rust 7 and water are mixed, and it just needs to be washed with water and dried, without rubbing or heating.

** Application: X-Rust 7 is targeted at those industries most affected by rust including construction, manufacturing, petrochemical, pulp and paper as well as rail, automotive and aerospace. Also, it is effective in removing rust from a concrete floor, or removing white rust from galvanized steel.

** Success Story: An English construction company, with 60-years of history and KRW 1 trillion in revenue, suffered from inconvenience of testing and removing rust while it regularly conducted safety review for its facilities. The company was able to dramatically increase work efficiency, and was able to easily remove rust after it adopted X-Rust 7.

** Product Videos
X-rust Demo

X-rust Application

SALVAGE 2+: Salvage 2+ is a rust encapsulator which encapsulates rust by penetrating into rust on the surface of metal, and it additionally prevents rusting in corrosive environment. In particular, this allows to progress all three processes at once, which are rust removal, applying primer and top coating; therefore, it dramatically reduces working time compared to the previous method.

In ASTM B117 salt spray testing, in which corrosion resistance of metal material that went through painting, plating and mineral coating is tested, it passed 3000 hours, boasting excellent corrosion resistance. It has strong tolerance to UV rays and chemical solvents, and is ideal for oceanic environment or acid rain environment. Salvage 2+ does not need much of a surface preparation - after removing rust, it may be easily applied with a brush or a roller.

**Application: Salvage 2+ may be used for chemical, petrochemical, wastewater disposal, construction, manufacturing, paper manufacturing, piping for train and automotive transportation, tanks, pressure vessel and steel-structured facilities.

**Case study: “S” Chemical, a Japanese chemical plant located in Singapore, had facilities and storage tanks exposed to issues such as structural stability and chemical leakage, affected by salty water environment and corrosion caused by acid rain. To solve such issues, it deployed NCH’s Salvage 2+. As a result, “S” Chemical was able to easily operate without surface preparation using Salvage 2+. With this change, the company dramatically saved cost to replace the entire facilities, and was able to lengthen the lifetime of its facilities.

** Product Videos:

STAY PUT: Stay Put is a 316L stainless metal coating solution. It endures in an extreme environment and high temperature, which is as high as 600 oC. It is safe to use, for it does not contain lead or chloric solution. Also, it quickly dries within 5 minutes, not leaving any stains, and also may be recoated after 10 to 20 minutes.

**Application: Stay Put may be used everywhere that requires stainless finish for protection or exterior coating. Also, it is applicable in places where regular paints cannot be used because of high temperature.

“NCH, since it launched Partsmaster, which is a special product line for metal maintenance and repairing, last March, has been continuously developing and launching products that are required by local clients. In particular, there were high demand for rust removal and rust prevention for facility maintenance, therefore, we decided to launch these products”, said Baeyong Roh, Director, Partsmaster Business Unit, NCH Korea. He added, “We are now able to support our local clients to safely manage their facilities and improve work productivity. Also, NCH’s various products and services play a huge role in reducing environmental pollution, and extending lifecycle of facilities, therefore protecting our clients’ assets. NCH Korea will continue to focus on providing the optimal solution required by our local clients”.

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