‘ND165’, an Environmental-Friendly High-Performance Partswasher, Obtains ECO MARK

ND165, reduced strong odor of typical cleansers, improving user convenience, provides strong cleansing power to mineral base oil.

With ND165’s obtainment of the ECO MARK following Torrent 400, NCH Korea expects to see dramatic increase in the amount of products supplied to public procurement industry.

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Sep. 30, 2015 17:39
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--NCH Korea announced today that ND165, its environmental-friendly high-performance partswasher, has obtained ECO MARK from the Ministry of Environment and Korean Environmental Industry & Technology Institute, as its ability to reduce waste and harmful substances emission was recognized.

ND165 was thoroughly reviewed by Korean Environmental Industry & Technology Institute on whether it meets the general standards, environment-related standards, quality assurance standards, and consumer information management standards. Finally, under the provision of environmental mark certification, ND165 can now use ECO MARK, and is officially recognized as a product which will satisfy customers’ needs for ECO MARK products.

With ND165’s obtainment of the ECO MARK following Torrent 400, NCH Korea expects to see dramatic increase in the amount of products supplied to public procurement industry. With ECO MARK, the product will be categorized as a green product, according to the act on green product purchase promotion, and will be registered in green product information system and green product market (online marketplace for eco-friendly products). Also, NCH Korea will be able to secure about 35,000 new distribution channels and clients in public procurement market, such as those public institutions, industrial circles and universities which are required to purchase eco-friendly products. It will be given additional points when being evaluated for procurement evaluation and joining for new projects.

ND165 reduced strong odor of typical cleansers, improving user convenience. It provides strong cleansing power to mineral base oil, which is the major pollutant in the industrial site. In particular, ND165 is registered in National Sanitation Foundation. In accordance with NSF’s registration program, ND165 is registered under A1 category, and is safe, and at the same time, powerful, enough to be used as a cleanser in food manufacturing facilities, and therefore, is suitable to be used as industrial heavy duty cleanser.
*NSF’s A1 category refers to cleansers that can be used in food manufacturing facilities.

ND165 attacks and disperses grease, oil, sludge, carbon, and other stubborn grime and quickly rinses away the dirt without leaving an oily residue. ND165 can be used safely on most surfaces and won’t harm plastic, rubber, concrete, stone and most metals and paints.

ND165 does not contain any butyl, which may be harmful to human body, or phosphate which causes water pollution. It can simply be used by applying cleanser which has been diluted by 15 times, and cleaning it with water, leaving no residue. ND165 may be used in various industries such as heavy equipment manufacturing facilities, repair shops, food processing facilities, restaurants, public offices, hospitals, hotels and schools. It may be applied to clean finned coil for air conditioner filters, kitchen floors, vents and fans, tiles and floors.

“ND165, our environmental-friendly, high-performance solution that reduces the emission of harmful substances has obtained not only the ECO MARK, but also has been registered under A1 Category in accordance with NSF registration program. NCH will continuously provide various products used for improving quality of various industrial parts, and for keeping facilities clean and maintaining it. NCH will also continuously put efforts in developing eco-friendly products and solutions”, said DongEun Kim, country manager of NCH Korea.

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