NCH Korea’s 9 Types of ‘Boiler Treatment Products for Food Processing Facility’ Pass NSF’s Safety Certification

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Nov. 09, 2015 09:42
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--NCH Korea today announced that its 9 types of ‘Boiler Treatment Products for food processing facility’ were proven safe by NSF(National Science Foundation), which is a United States government agency that supports fundamental research and education in all the non-medical fields of science and engineering.

As domestic food production companies have heightened interest on hygiene and safety of food manufacturing facility, NCH Korea had verified safety of its boiler treatment products, which are in direct contact with food, by organizations that are responsible for food safety.

NCH Korea announced that it has completed registering its 9 types of boiler treatment products for food processing facility in NSF Korea, through the Korean branch of NSF.

Products accredited by NSF are BP-800, CHEM-AQUA 150, CHEM-AQUA 300 plus, CHEM-AQUA 55D, CHEM-AQUA 55H, CHEM-AQUA 900, CHEM-AQUA 900C, OX-AWAY and OX-AWAY C, and these 9 products were registered on NSF listing site by NCH Korea. You may find more details in

NCH Korea identified constituents of the water treatment products for steam boilers, and confirmed that its water treatment products, namely BP-800 FG, CHem-Aqua 55H FG and OX-AWAY FG, are composed of substances that are registered safe in ‘food additive standard’ announced by the ministry of food and drug safety in Korea.

“NCH’s boiler treatment products for food processing facility are environmental-friendly products that may be safely used in food processing facilities where direct contacts with food frequently occur. Also, our water treatment products meet food additive standard announced by the ministry of food and drug safety. NCH will provide various treatment/ cleansing products that are widely used for facility cleansing and maintenance, to domestic companies, and will continuously put efforts to develop environmental-friendly products and solutions”, said DongEun Kim, country manager of NCH Korea.

*NSF Nonfood Compound Registration Program is a program to register on NSF White Book, which covers lubricant, detergent, water treatment product, coating substance and solvent. NSF provides formulation/toxicological review and testing service for non-food compound. Please refer to attached registration guideline to find more details about registerable types of substances and category code. Registered companies may use NSF mark on registered products, which went through formulation/toxicological review, and will be officially published on NSF White Book.

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