NCH Korea targets injection molding market with ‘Torrent’, an environmental-friendly high-performance partswasher

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Apr. 06, 2016 09:09
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--NCH Korea announced today that it will target injection moulding market, where there is increasing number of clients wanting to consult to purchase ‘Torrent’, its environmental-friendly high-performance partswasher.

**Torrent, the environmental-friendly high-performance partswasher, is a high pressure, water based, parts washing system that improves upon outmoded parts washing systems by improving efficiency, maintaining workplace safety, and reducing the environmental impact. Torrent eliminated the danger of breathing organic solvent vapor, therefore, improving the work environment. It also increased temperature of the washer fluid, providing improved detergency, while dramatically decreasing the number of working hours. In particular, with the use of special anti-rust additives, it is non-corrosive, and using dryer function of the washer, parts will be perfectly dried in a short period of time, and may be used immediately. In particular, Torrent allows to do parts washing within a sealed equipment, therefore, users do not inhale or directly touch toxic substances. Therefore, it guards employees’ health and safety, and at the same time, it dramatically improves work environment.

Torrent has been receiving good responses from corporate clients in auto parts manufacturing industry, aviation industry, car repairing industry, and food and beverage industry, where its excellent washing capacity can be immediately proven. In particular, parts-related companies can wash their parts very quickly and cleanly using Torrent’s high-pressure washing method, to completely wash away grease spots beyond reach with high-pressure spraying of washer fluid, which would dramatically reduce work time.

Recently, injection molding companies (traditional machine manufacturing industry where materials are melted, poured into frames and hardened) have increased demand to purchase Torrent. To respond to such demand, NCH Korea actively provides customized products and consulting services.

**Injecting Molding Customer Case Study:
***Dongyang P&C, improves quality of injection molding equipment and reduces defect rate:
Dongyang P&C, parts material manufacturer, constantly utilizes various injection molding equipment and milling machine. It deployed ‘Torrent’ to improve quality of its products and to reduce defect rate. Since then, Dongyang P&C is now able to completely clean its mold, and has dramatically improved work environment for its employees.

***Hirose Korea, effectively removes foreign gas substance in LED mold core using NCH Torrent
Hirose Korea, a company manufacturing connector, which is used to produce electronic, electric, telecommunication devices and auto parts, utilized Torrent to remove foreign gas substance, which has been a chronic issue in LED production line mold core. Hirose Korea was able to reduce 30% of maintenance cost, 50% work time and also improved washing result by 100%, compared to using ultrasound washing method. Now, anybody can easily and safely use Torrent, and therefore, Hirose Korea was able to easily solve the problem of the former core washing.

Meanwhile, with Torrent’s obtainment of the ECO MARK from the Ministry of Environment and Korean Environmental Industry & Technology Institute, NCH Korea expects to see dramatic increase in the amount of products supplied to public procurement industry. With ECO MARK, the product will be categorized as a green product, according to the act on green product purchase promotion, and will be registered in green product information system and green product market (online marketplace for eco-friendly products). Also, NCH Korea will be able to secure about 35,000 new distribution channels and clients in public procurement market, such as those public institutions, industrial circles and universities which are required to purchase eco-friendly products.

“Torrent is an environmental-friendly solution that reduces the emission of harmful substances. Its performance is acknowledged by many local and global customers. NCH will continuously provide various products used for improving quality of various industrial parts, and for keeping facilities clean and maintaining it. NCH will also continuously put efforts in developing eco-friendly products and solutions”, said Dong Eun Kim, country manager of NCH Korea.

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