World Innovative Contribution Awards to announce 9 Awardees including Ban Ki-moon, Michelle Obama, Ma Yun, Wole Soyinka

WFPL announced 9 finalists on the 16th ... Awards ceremony on December 19

Specified 60 years of confidentiality period for global innovation contribution

Nov. 16, 2017 16:39
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--WIC AWARDS 2017 (World Innovative Contribution Awards), a total of nine categories, was announced on the 16th.

The World Federation of Leaders (, World Federation of Power Leaders), the first of its kind in the world this year, will host the WIC AWARDS 2017. Winners will be selected from 7,200 million people in the world by contributing to the development of humanity through outstanding achievements in nine categories including healthcare, education, community service, and cultural art and physical education.

First, the former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was selected as the World Peace Division, and Michelle Obama of the United States was selected as the winner in the human rights category. In the environmental sector, Marina Silva, a Brazilian environmental activist; Ma Yun, the founder of the Alibaba Group in China, in the economic sector; the GEOMAR Helmholtz Marine Research Institute in Germany; the Silviahemmet Foundation in Sweden in the health sector; The technology transfer center ‘Yissum Center’ of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the education sector; Afroz Shah, Indian lawyer in the community service category; and the Nigerian writer Wole Soyinka for the cultural art and physical education category.

The Organizing Committee of the WIC AWARDS said, “Although the nationality and the age of the winners are different from each other, the winners are the models because of the steady practice of public interest practice such as human rights, peace, service and devotion in every corner of the world. We hope that the innovative and devoted outstanding leadership of the nine awardees will be widely recognized and disseminated so that we will be able to create a world where we can join together. ”

On the other hand, the selection of the final winner of the World Innovative Contribution Awards follows the principle of regional equalization in order to prevent the phenomenon of being concentrated in a particular country. In one country, only one winner can be selected.

In particular, the World Innovative Contribution Awards specifies the period of confidentiality to ensure strict objectivity and fairness in the selection of winners. According to this, all contents related to recommenders, recommendees and judges are confidential for 60 years.

The former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the winner of the World Peace Prize, began studying the practice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since the 1970s. From 2007, during his tenure as UN Secretary-General, it is also appreciated that he coordinated and negotiated sensitive global issues among themselves.

Ban, who served consecutive terms, expressed his interest in the civil war in Libya and the Arab Spring, urged the United Nations Human Rights Council to pay attention to homophobia and promotion of LGBT rights, and emphasized the issue of equality and human rights for minorities.

Michelle Obama, the winner of the human rights award, has become an iconic person of the United States, from an absolute helper who led the success of the first black president, Barack Obama, to a social activist who stands for black people, women and children. Michelle Obama gave up her huge bargaining salary and led various organizations to represent young people, local communities, and blacks and other minority groups.

She has been interested for a long time in social inequality. She has been the First Lady, but she has been actively using the history of social activists and lawyers to think about policies for poor people who are vulnerable to mainstream politics, desperate youths and desperate workers, she put a sense of balance. In addition to her belief in the righteous world, she is also considered as an independent First Lady by Barack Obama.

Marina Silva, an environmental award winner, is an outstanding activist who has devoted himself to protecting the Amazon rainforest and is an outstanding social activist who has informed the world about the value of resources, including the importance of forests. Especially, she is called as “an environmental leader's observer” who thinks about the nonviolent and sustainable development of our society by seeing the serious nature damage of some multinational corporations. Marina Silva was the Chair of the 8th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity in Curitiba, Brazil, in May 2006.

As the winner of the economic awards, Mr. Ma Yun is regarded as a person who brought fresh energy to the global economy based on his constant challenge and initiative since the early 1990s, when he started his business management in China. He has been leading the economic development of China in a huge Chinese market, starting with the establishment of an early Internet company to Alibaba today through novel and macro management.

The GEOMAR Helmholtz Marine Research Institute in Germany, the winner of the Science Prize, has been researching the marine environment and trying to prove the organic link between human and nature. Professor Ulf Riebesell of the Institute has contributed to spreading about 350 research results related to the ocean acidification caused by human carbon dioxide (CO²) release to publicize the risk of acidification to marine life. Furthermore, he is attracting attention from all over the world because he warns that the seriousness of human development and pollution, overfishing, soil fertilizer, etc.

Sweden's “Sylvia Hemmet Foundation”, the main character in health care, is famous for being founded by Queen Sylvia. This foundation is a facility for the elderly with dementia, and the advanced know-how in the healthcare sector is attracting attention, such as the operation of the nursing system dedicated to the treatment of dementia and the provision of professional education in connection with medical schools.

The Silviahemmet Foundation, which was founded by a considerable study of the elderly care sector in Sweden, had undergone a super-aged society process from 1887 to 2015, boasts a unique system of quality services and research related to dementia.

In the education category, the Yissum Center for Technology Transfer, Hebrew University in Israel, expects another positive outcome for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Innovative Economy. In the case of ‘Mobileye’, an autonomous navigation technology that Intel recently purchased at 17 trillion won, it accomplishes commercialization of technology made by Yissum based on the visual recognition algorithm of Professor Amnon Shashua at Hebrew University.

He is evaluated as a good role model to circulate ideas to the industry through establishment of a joint venture through cooperation with companies and joint research, and thus this society is a good example of a society.

Indiana's lawyer, “Afroz Shah” 33 years old, the winner of the Social Service category, became the “beach cleaner” and became an inspiration for many people around the world, offering a tireless dedication and service spirit. He moved to nearby Versova beach in 2015 and saw garbage and wastes piled up on the beach to remind him of a dump. He started clearing out the garbage with his friends and then turned to more than a thousand volunteers, including local office workers, students, and Bollywood stars. After a 21-month sweep of Afroz Shah, the 2.5-kilometer-long beach of Versova recovered its original natural state. Recognized for his achievements, he was the first Indian to receive the Global Environment Award from the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) last year.

Wole Soyinka, a Nigerian winner of the Cultural Art and Physical Education Award, is an outstanding writer who has received the Nobel Prize for Literature in Africa for his work in peace, human rights, and spirit of coexistence. Wole Soyinka is regarded as a poetic artist who captures and solves the risks to human fundamentalism and exclusivism, ranging from ethnic conflicts to religious and political conflicts all over the world. His books include plays such as ‘The Birthday Party of Kepi,’ ‘People Living in the Swamp,’ ‘Lion and Jewel,’ ‘Forest Dance,’ ‘Marvelous Plane on Earth,’ ‘Mandela‘s Earth,’ and novels ‘Interpreters,’ ‘Anomy’s Season.’ In February, he received a great deal of attention from readers by presenting his essay ‘Of Africa,’ which contains Soyinka's desire for freedom and human rights.

The award ceremony will be held on the 20th floor of the Korea Press Center, Jung-gu, Seoul, on December 19 at 2 pm.

The award ceremony will be sponsored by more than 70 media and organizations including the WFPL PRESS CORPS (President Lee San-ha), the Internet Newspaper Association of Korea(Chairman: Lee Chee-soo), KPA News, Korea Pharmaceutical Associan, the Olof Palme International Peace Foundation, IYRI, the Korea Care Association (Chairman, Youngdal Kim), International Policy Research Institute (IPRI), Asia Times (Chairman Cho Yong-ha), NewsCulture (Representative Lee Hoon-hee), Sisun News (Chairman Kim Kwang-Woong) and Internet Newspaper of Korea (publisher: Lee Chee-soo).

On the other hand, the WFPL is the birthplace of the International Youth Research Institute (formerly the International Youth Research Institute) established on January 11, 2007, and through social exchanges and cooperation among countries around the world, and the culture of communication spreads and it is worth to open the ‘world where we live together.

The World Federation is a politically neutral organization. The 17 metropolitan and provincial branches and the regional federations in Korea, together with enthusiastic young talents, actively participate in solving the crisis arising from the structural contradiction of society. It is continuing to bring new vitality to the local communities of Korea and countries around the world.



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