WFPL Holds KC AWARDS 2018 Ceremony

Awards ceremony held on July 9 at 2 pm at the National Assembly Memorial Hall Auditorium

Park Won-soon, KC AWARDS in National Contribution

Byoung-Tak Zhang, KC AWARDS in Science & Tech

Moon In Sik, KC AWARDS in Economy

Hee Yeon Cho, KC AWARDS in Education

Hyung-Soo Seo, Kim TaeNyeon and Dong sup Lee, KC AWARDS in Legislation

Kim Young-Jong, Liu Gyoung-Gee, CHUN SANG JIK, KC AWARDS in Local Government

Gye Woon Choi, KC AWARDS in Environment

Cho sun hae, KC AWARDS in Health Care

Lim Young Jin, KC AWARDS in Medicine

Lee Rae Chul, KC AWARDS in Safety

KIMJUNG OK, Lee Song Ae and Wang Weiyue, KC AWARDS in Service

Jul. 10, 2018 14:30
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--WORLD FEDERATION OF POWER LEADERS(President: LEE SAN-HA)( held the ceremony of KC AWARDS 2018(Korea Contribution Awards) at the National Assembly Memorial Hall on July 9, 2018.

LEE SAN-HA, President of WFPF, delivered in an English speech to the people of the world. “KC AWARDS is an event that finds people who have contributed to the establishment of a safety culture in various fields of society and spreads them widely, and to improve the problems facing our society such as human rights, the environment and health, and to contribute to the improvement of unreasonable social phenomena throughout the world, as well as to create a healthy, just society and a happy global village culture.”

Especially, President LEE SAN-HA emphasized, “There are numerous people in difficulties. We have sufficient abilities to help one another. However, there isn’t any well-prepared ‘interconnection system that can process related works systematically, and thus we haven’t been able to exert even just a part of our infinite abilities.”

The event also included the winners of the Democratic Party's National Assembly, such as Seo Hyung-soo, WFPL senior advisor Moon Joo-hyun (MDM Group Chairman), WFPL senior advisor LEE Chee-soo(Chairman of the Korea Internet Newspaper Association) and 500 people including economic, social and cultural personnel attended the event.

Park Won-soon won the prestigious honor ‘KC AWARDS in National Contribution’ for his contribution to the development of a global sustainable future, as well as solving problems in the city through competitive eco-friendly policies and innovative urban recycling policies. PARK Won-soon, Mayor of Seoul, attended the ceremony of Lee Kuan Yew Award in the Singapore Ritz-Carlton Hotel on 9th July. An official of Seoul city attended the KC AWARDS ceremony instead.

Byoung-Tak Zhang, was honored KC AWARDS in Science & Tech with the contribution to the development of science and technology of the Republic of Korea. KC AWARDS in Science & Tech is an authority in the field of artificial intelligence in Korea and contributed to national IT technology and industrial competitiveness including artificial intelligence industry,

Moon In Sik who is Baba Group president of the literary society, won KC AWARDS in Economy. Baba has continued to invest in the development of the textile fashion industry. He was honored with the contribution to expanding corporate competitiveness, creating jobs through growth, and contributing to national economic development.

Hee Yeon Cho, the Seoul Superintendent of Education has been awarded KC AWARDS in Education. with the contribution of contributing to national education development such as creative and excellent education administration by emphasizing the republican and communicative virtue and presenting the direction of reform and development of education from a new viewpoint.

Hyung-Soo Seo, Kim TaeNyeon and Dong sup Lee won the KC AWARDS in Legislation.

Rep. Hyung-Soo Seo has received a lot of support from the government, including his job budget, child benefit allowance, basic pension, and political achievement. In addition, the Democratic Party lawmaker was evaluated as contributing to legislation such as protection of small business owners and self-employed persons and stocking of vitality.

Rep. Dong sup Lee, a member of the Taekwondo Academy, has been awarded the 9th rank of Taekwondo, which contributed to the political efforts to develop Taekwondo and the sports community in Korea, as well as the legislation to improve the health and quality of life of the people.

Kim Young-Jong, Liu Gyoung-Gee and CHUN SANG JIK were awarded KC AWARDS in Local Government.

Kim Young-Jong, the head of the Jongno-gu Office, has always been the first to put people first in the center of the city's policies and businesses, and has received considerable support for the development of local autonomy over the past eight years.

Liu Gyoung-Gee, the vice mayor of the province of Jungnang-Gu in Seoul and served as a citizen-centered administration, always put people first in the center of Seoul's policies and businesses.

CHUN SANG JIK, Chairman of the Korean Residents' Association of Korea, has been actively involved in education and research for the past 19 years for the realization of resident autonomy and has been evaluated as contributing to the theoretical foundation of resident autonomy.

Professor Choi Kyung-woon of the University of Incheon won KC AWARDS in Environment. He is the recipient of the Grand Prize for Environment Grand Prize, has served as the president of K-water, the Secretary General of the World Urban Water Forum, the President of the Korea Dams Association and the founder and chairman of the Asia Water Council He was honored with a great contribution to the award.

Cho sun hae, Chairman of the Korea Chugoku Pharmaceutical Distribution Association (KFDA), won KC AWARDS in Health Care, contributed to the improvement of public health through sponsorship of seminars on the innovation of the distribution industry and the advancement of the pharmaceutical industry through the enlargement, transparency and advancement of distribution and distribution of medicines in Korea. I was honored with the award.

Lim Young Jin is currently the Vice-Chancellor of the Kyung Hee Medical School and serving as the Vice-Chancellor of the Kyung Hee Medical University won KC AWARDS in Medicine presenting a new paradigm for the treatment of illness as a clinical professor and contributing to the development of scholarship as well as patient- I was honored with the award.

Lee Rae Chul, a science and technology engineer and small and medium-sized venture company won KC AWARDS in Safety. He established the Technology Research Institute and the Korea Institute of Construction and Transportation Research and Development to provide research and development and education in construction and civil engineering fields, Development and construction design, and has earned the honor of contributing to raising Korea's facility safety diagnostic technology to the highest level in the world.

KIM JUNG OK, Lee Song Ae and Wang Weiyue were awarded KC AWARDS in Service.

KIM JUNG OK, the president of the Korean bar association, developed Korean local food to inform the world about the Korean food culture and opened 20 national barley rice branches nationwide, contributing to job creation and national economy, sharing with disabled people and disadvantaged neighbors As a result of practicing.

Lee Song Ae has been honored as a recipient of the Mentoring lecture, secondary school career lectures, university lectures, and a variety of dream projects for elementary school students in the underprivileged areas, contributing significantly to the formation of the right personality of adolescents.

Wang Weiyue, Vice-Chancellor of China Yang Eun University, won various service activities such as martial arts exchange between Korea and China and social service activities of Wushu people.

KC AWARDS is composed of 12 categories such as △National Contribution △Science & Tech △Economy △Education △Legislation △Local Government △Environment △Health Care △Medicine △Safety △Service.

Meanwhile, once known as ‘International Youth Research Institute (The first president: LEE SAN-HA)’ established in January 2007. ‘World Federation of Power Leaders (WFPL)’ has made its first step while placing a high value in creating a world where the disadvantaged aren’t neglected and the culture of participation and communication wide spreads through exchanges and cooperation within each country around the world; a world ‘where we live together in harmony’.

WFPL, as a politically neutral organization, is poised to rally passionate youths through the branch federations in 17 metropolitan cities and provinces throughout Korea as well as those in each country around the world; we will actively participate in solving the social crisis caused by the structural inconsistencies of our society; and we will revitalize our regional communities, states and the world.



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