WFPL PRESS CORPS, Searching for ‘4th KTS AWARDS’ Candidate

The Awards Ceremony will be held at the “2018 World Movement Day of School Violence Expulsion”

Jul. 30, 2018 11:06
SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA--(Korea Newswire)--WFPL PRESS CORPS, “KTS AWARDS” Specified Confidentiality Period for 30 Years
WFPL PRESS CORPS, Searching for Candidate of ‘PRESS AWARDS’
Awards: December 2018

WORLD FEDERATION OF POWER LEADERS( “WFPL”) will nominate candidates for “The 4th KTS AWARDS (KOREA TRUE SERVICE AWARDS)” at the 2018 World Movement Day of School Violence Expulsion, on July 30th, 2018.

At the ceremony, the 4th KTS AWARDS(Korea True Service Awards) will be held under the supervision of WFPL PRESS CORPS(LEE CHEE-SOO, president of the Internet Newspaper Association of Korea), the media organization of WORLD FEDERATION OF POWER LEADERS.

LEE SAN-HA, president of WFPL said “At the opening ceremony of the National Movement of School Violence Expulsion held on December 19, 2017 at the international press conference on the 20th floor of the Korea Press Center, the school violence issue needs to be addressed not only by one country but also by countries around the world and every year, December 19 was declared as the World Movement Day of School Violence Expulsion.”

“WFPL is currently developing a 10 million signatures campaign to expel school violence from 2017,” she said “In order to prevent and expel school violence, it is important for all members of society to participate.” She appealed to all the people so that there would be no more victims of school violence.

The purpose of the ‘Korea True Service Awards’ is to create a happier society by achieving outstanding achievements in each field of society, finding out the people who have contributed to the development of the region and the nation, publicizing it, dissolving regional conflicts and protecting social weaknesses .

‘Korea True Service Awards’, which has been held for the 4th time in this year, has been co-hosted by the International Youth Research Institute and WORLDYAN MEDIA GROUP, a research institute affiliated with WFPL, but will be led by WFPL PRESS CORPS. In particular, in order to select the real candidates, all the contents related to the selection of the candidates should be sealed for 30 years by specifying the period of confidentiality.

The Awards consist of nine categories: Social Contribution, Science, Economics, Law, Regional Development, Real Education Contribution, Human Rights, Health Care, and Culture·Arts·Physical Education. Real Education Contribution, those who devoted to preventing or exterminating violence, those who contributed to the restoration of authority, and those who have made remarkable achievements for the improvement of the overall education system in Korea, and to contribute to the restoration of authority.

You can download the form from the ‘WFPL PRESS AWARDS’ section on WFPL homepage ( The application period is from July 30 (Mon) to October 31 (Wed.), 5 PM. (For more details, please refer to WFPL website)

The results will be announced at 11:00 AM on November 13th at WFPL homepage ( and WORLDYAN, the sister journals of WORLDYAN MEAIA GROUP ( Individual winners will be notified. The awards ceremony will be held in December, 2018.

Meanwhile, WFPL PRESS CORPS searches for candidates of “2018 PRESS AWARDS.”

“PRESS AWARDS” is a prize awarded to media and journalists, including newspapers and broadcasts, which have contributed to the spread of the value and meaning of the community through in-depth coverage and reporting of problems in our society. The purpose is to promote improvement and to raise the pride of journalists.

Participants include media and journalists (including news, coverage, editorial, photo, video and PD, etc.), including newspapers and broadcasts. The awards are awarded to three award categories: Media and journalists Sector. In particular, the reporter section is classified as the best journalist and excellent journalist.

The Grand Award is a great accomplishment that contributed to the development of WFPL PRESS AWARDS and the true public values of the media, and to those who devote themselves to opening up a world where people with disabilities are not alienated and the culture of participation and communication spreads. The award is awarded.

The media prize in the media division is awarded to the media, including newspapers and broadcasts, which have contributed significantly to spreading the value and meaning of our society.

The Journalist's Journalism Award was given to reporters who have accomplished outstanding achievements in the fields of reporting, editing, photography, video, PD and so on, contributing to the creation of a just and happy world through in-depth coverage and reporting of problems in each field of society. There are the best journalist and excellent journalist award.

Each division is judged by the official judging committee under the organizing committee of WFPL PRESS AWARDS of WFPL. It is divided into three stages: document review and preliminary investigation according to each divisional examination standard, factual confirmation and evaluation analysis of each subdivision examination committee, Winners will be selected.

The application form can be downloaded from PRESS AWARDS of WFPL PRESS AWARDS OF WFPL website ( The reception period is from July 23 (Mon) to October 31 (Wed.), 5 PM by e-mail only (

The results will be announced at 11:00 AM on November 12 (Monday) at WFPL website ( and WORLDYAN, the sister journal of WORLDYAN MEDIA GROUP ( Individual winners will be notified. The awards ceremony will be held in December 2018.

Meanwhile, ‘WFPL PRESS CORPS’ is an abbreviation for ‘World Federation of Power Leaders Multinational Press Corps.’ WFPL PRESS CORPS is a media organization affiliated with WORLD FEDERATION OF POWER LEADERS (WFPL) with power people from all over the world, including Korea's power people with 17 departments across the country. In addition, WFPL PRESS CORPS has always pointed out the misconceptions and corrective actions of our society with a spirit of challenge and experimentation with a waking citizenship spirit, so that the social underprivileged can be the world without alienation, leading the way in making a just and happy world.

Anyone who is willing to value of WFPL such as △Anyone who is interested in preventing and expulsing all sorts of school violence including verbal violence △Anyone who wishes to rectify the bad practices in our society △Anyone who wishes to build a world where the disadvantaged including women, children and the elderly are not neglected △Anyone who wishes to convey various stories including politics, economy, education, scientific technology, health service and culture △Anyone who wishes to build a just and happy world can become a reporter of WFPL PRESS CORPS, and you can act as a journalist of WFPL PRESS CORPS through the Special Training Program for Professional Journalism (STPPJ).

The awards hosted by WFPL, is jointly supervised by WFPL, WFPL PRESS AWARDS, the Press Awards Organization Committees of WFPL PRESS CORPS, WORLDYAN MEDIA GROUP, International Policy Institute, etc.

The sponsors include the Korea Internet Newspaper Association, the Korean Nursing Care Association, the Korea New Media Association, the International Youth Research Center, the Asia Times, Sisun News, the global news communication, the Korea internet newspaper, Startup Radar and over 200 medias and organizations together.



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