NCH Asia Participates in CSR Program in Celebration of Its 100th Anniversary

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Dec. 17, 2018 17:46
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--NCH Asia announced that, in celebration of 100th anniversary of NCH's establishment, around 20 of its key executives including country managers and regional managers from 15 countries gathered in Bangkok, Thailand on Friday, December 14.

On this day, as part of the CSR Program, NCH Asia officials participated in the ‘Happy Dolls Project’, which makes and donates the dolls. All the Happy Dolls would be given to sick or lonely children in Thailand, who could use a friend and a reassuring smile from one of these very special dolls.

DongEun Kim, NCH Asia President, said “I am glad to participate in Happy Dolls Project as one of the CSR programs that NCH is proceeding with globally in honor of its 100th anniversary. Our goal is to have all the NCH employees from 50 countries volunteer their time to contribute to their communities and complete more than 100 different CSR activities in total across globe by 2019”.

About Happy Dolls Project

Happy Dolls Project is a company that has engaged in social activities since it started in December 2009. The project aims to help children in rural places of Thailand, living in the underprivileged hill tribe communities in the North and in the migrant camps in the South, to provide them with a better education.

When you purchase a Happy Doll, you also donate to help disadvantaged children as well as the disadvantaged people in Thailand, enabling them to survive and be happy. The disadvantaged Thai children helped by the project also include orphans, street kids, children with disabilities or long-term health problems.

The idea is that one of these Happy dolls might make them feel less alone and find their smile again. Happy Dolls Project provides happiness to people!

About NCH Corporation

Established in 1919 in Dallas, TX., as a company that produces and sells maintenance products, NCH Corporation provides products and services in 50 countries around the world, with over USD 1 billion in sales and more than 8,000 employees. NCH provides effective solutions specialized for maintenance of industrial facilities, including over 400 patented products.



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