Dr. Yu-mi Jung of Magic Kiss dental clinic has more scientific teeth contouring and gum forming techniques to complete the ‘Smile Line’ and correct ‘Gummy Smile’

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March 20, 2019 17:59
  • Intro of Dr. Yu-mi Jung of Magic Kiss dental clinic

    Intro of Dr. Yu-mi Jung of Magic Kiss dental clinic

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) March 20, 2019 -- ‘Smile Line’ is a virtual line made by the upper and lower lips that reveal the front teeth when smiling. With everything about smiles, the author of Smile Design, and Dr. Jung, president of the Magic Kiss dental clinic, let's learn about beautiful Smiles.

When smiling, the lower lip is generally matched or parallel to the line connecting the upper tooth's cut. In practice, however, the ‘Smile Line’ can be seen as the term for the entire micro line linking the ‘Smile Line’ of the upper lip with the Gum line of the lower lip. ‘Smile Line’ looks more attractive when it draws a U-shaped line.

The Components of Smile Line

According to Dr. Jung, a beautiful smile does not have an answer, but a beautiful and confident smile that goes with each one. The shape and thickness of individual lips, the color and arrangement of teeth, and the space are all factors that make up the ‘Smile Line’. Especially, in ‘Smile Line’, the upper teeth are exposed to 75 to 100 percent. When there are missing or missing teeth or uncoordinated teeth, the ‘Smile Line’ is affected, and different types of smiles and ball shapes, and the harmony of the whole face and eyes are all related to the ‘Smile Line’. Therefore, for a beautiful smile, it will be necessary to understand not only the teeth or gums, but also the harmony of the entire face.

The design of teeth in a beautiful smile line.

Do dentists have to make the teeth just white and straightened?
The upper lip of the lower lip coincides with or parallel to the cut of the upper tooth. If the line is flat, it looks older. Those who want to look younger should usually order their front teeth to be a little longer. Generally, the gate teeth are placed on an extension with the same total length as the fangs, and the lateral scale is about 0.5mm above and below, which makes them look pretty and natural.
For a beautiful smile, dentists must take all of these into consideration and approach.
On the other hand, if the length and shape of the teeth change, the ‘Smile Line’ can be used to form a beautiful ‘Smile Line’.

Classification and Treatment of ‘Gummy smile’

‘Gummy smile’(Gummy Smile: Gum + Smile) literally means that look too much on the gums while smiling.

According to the height of the ‘Smile Line’, Mild Spiders Miles, gum exposure is about 25% of the teeth, while Moderate ‘Gummy smile’s, Advanced ‘Gummy smile’s, and Sever ‘Gummy smile’s exhibit severe exposures of more than 100%.

There are also various treatments for dental lasers such as simple gum surgery, Botox injection, gummy smile surgery, orthodontics, and orthodontic surgery. In some cases, laminate(ceramic veneer), Botox, and small-to-mass plastic surgery are also performed in the case of gum formation.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jung, who is famous for the only consultant in the dental field on tvN ‘Let-Me-In’, a Korean most famous TV makeover show, is the MC of ‘Health Special’ a comprehensive health program for daily economic TV also. She has several patents regarding to a ‘Smile Line’ Analysis Kit for dental and gum formation, and she is currently receiving orthodontic, rapid orthodontic treatment technique, and transparent orthodontics.

Thus, Magic Kiss dental clinic is a famous for the place where celebrities from all over the world visit after watching the result on Korean TV makeover shows such as ‘Let-Me-In’, ‘Beautiful You’, ‘Daesenam’, and so on.

Intro of the Magic Kiss dental clinic in Seoul, Korea

The Magic Kiss is located in front of Exit 5 of Apgujeong Station(#3 Orange Line). We are practicing Cosmetic dentistry, Orthodontic care, Implant, Dental Laser clinic, and cavity treatments as well as transparent orthodontics, dental plastic surgery, Laminate, tooth and gum contouring, Whitening, Gummy smile correction surgery and Botox, Temporomandibular treatment.

With Magic Kiss, everyone is treating kindly and delicately with the intention of treating them with the intention of “everyone is the VIP!!”. It is also a dentist who uses state-of-the-art digital equipment to improve the accuracy of treatment by predicting results, and dentists in various fields cooperate to establish a treatment plan to establish an optimal treatment plan.

In addition, Magic Kiss dental clinic is a really famous for the place where celebrities from all over the world visit after watching the result on Korean TV makeover shows such as ‘Let’, ‘Beautiful’, ‘Daesenam’, and so on.

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