Ejangnim.com of Korea Launches Low Sugar Strawberry Jams Made of Nonsan Specialty Strawberries

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June 20, 2019 11:05

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) June 20, 2019 -- Ejangnim.com, a Korean agricultural company in Nonsan, Chungnam Province that sells agricultural products only grew in Korea, launched low sugar ‘Ejangnim Strawberry Jam’.

To produce the sweet jam with 50-60 Brix, Ejangnim.com uses oligosaccharides instead of sugar and utilizes under-vacuum concentration. Fruits and oligosaccharides are dehydrated and concentrated in the under-vacuum concentration machine, extracting sweetness from the fruits without diluting its sweet flavor.

Ejangnim Strawberry Jam from Ejangnim.com is made of local strawberries harvested in May, which are extremely red and the sweetest ones of the year, from farmlands in Nonsan, Chungnam in Korea. It contains no preservatives and is healthy for our body.

Ejangnim Strawberry Jam is available both in bottles and tubes. Unlike bottles, tubes are very versatile and can be brought to kindergarten, picnic and birthday parties because they are easy to open for children and more portable.

Under the principle of integrity, Ejangnim is producing their every product at HACCP certified facilities in Nonsan Agricultural Technology Center through stringent quality control and food safety procedures.

Website: http://ejangnim.com

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