AtMet KOREA Unveils High-Quality Bulk Strap

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Feb. 21, 2020 17:30
ULSAN--(Korea Newswire)--AtMet KOREA, a high-quality export cargo packing materials provider, unveiled its ‘BulkStrap’ that enables one to transport cargoes in a safer and more effective manner.

Bulk Strap can fasten cargoes in safe way when transporting them by air, ships and trucks.

AtMet KOREA’s BulkStrap is as strong as steel as its polyester fiber is coated with polymer. In the product, such shortcomings as lengthening or breaking seen in steel products are complemented, and it minimized complexity in installing. While its price is lower than steel products, it is designed by placing top priority on prevention of damages on cargoes and their safe transportation. The product is not affected either by extreme cold, extreme heat or humid environment.

With up to 2600kg of tensile strength per one cord, cords can be strapped fast and safely. In addition, it can be used for various cargoes in terms of purposes and sizes as it is provided in five different widths, including 16mm*850m, 19mm*600m, 25mm*500m, 32mm*230m and 32mm*300m.

“We are developing and producing a variety of products suitable for conditions of customers leveraging expertise accumulated as a container-specific airbag manufacturer,” said a senior manager at AtMet KOREA. “I want to recommend our BulkStrap with confidence to customers who will initially ship cargoes or those who are using products from other strap companies. The BulkStrap will be the best choice for transporting cargoes safely and efficiently.”

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