NCH launches ‘ecoSTORM’, a biological drain maintenance system

Makes drain line cleaning more effective and economical

Enhances the NCH Drain Maintenance Program portfolio

Innovative, fully-automated on-site delivery system for growing food safe bacteria

Solves and prevents slow drains and backup issues that cause foul odors

Dosing is automatic with hands-off approach, no electrical source or water line is required

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Mar. 13, 2020 14:12
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--NCH Asia Pacific today announced the launch of ‘ecoSTORM’, an innovative, fully-automated, on-site delivery system for growing food-safe bacteria, and enhances the NCH Drain Maintenance Program.

Drain lines are often clogged by the build up of fats, oils, grease and food particles, which can result in ongoing back-ups. Also, food particles decomposing inside drain lines cause foul odors. This waste that sits on top of the hardened grease layer in the grease trap, can be unpleasant for guests and patrons.

ecoSTORM’s compact, sleek design is versatile. It is lightweighted, weighing only 1 kg, and battery powered, making it easy to use and install. The controller provides an innovative, fully-automated, on-site delivery system mounted on the wall eliminating the need for drums of chemicals on the floor . The unit dispenses by utilizing the pump attached to the bottle, and 4 times per day, 40 billion supercharged live bacteria is released into the drain line, which totals 160 billion per day. ecoSTORM automatically provides 160 billion live bacteria daily, which is 19 times more bacteria released than traditional liquid dosing systems. Bacteria digest grease build-up in drain lines that can block flow and cause back-up, and reduce the amount of food particles that decay and cause foul odors.

Also, FreeFlow Liquid Concentrate Supercharged, a new formulation that is currently only used for the ecoSTORM system recently had NSF( registered. This NSF mark shows ecoSTORM to be acceptable for use as a bacterial/enzyme drain and sewer treatement for use in and around food processing areas.

ecoSTORM is easily installed at any desired location. The NCH Drain Maintenance Program provides the analysis of different drain lines of food service providers, suggesting various targeted biological drain solutions and openers. The program also includes routine service, diagnostics and cleaning, service reports, and a bi-annual review of system performance.

ecoSTORM may be used for drain lines, kitchen drains, coffee machines, soda and milkshake dispensers, ice machines, condensate lines, lift stations, fountains and refrigerator drain lines.



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