Myren Wins Grand Prize at SIS Laboratory Startup Competition for Its Emergency Rescue Platform ‘e-Call’

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Oct. 19, 2020 10:30
ANSAN--(Korea Newswire)--Myren (CEO: Choi Eun-hong), a Korean social venture company dedicated to next-generation traffic safety, announced that it won the grand prize at the ‘SIS Laboratory Startup Competition’ hosted by SKKU Lab Innovation for Startup in Creative Startup Cluster of Sungkyunkwan University.

The prize-winning e-Call platform is a system that applied accident judgment algorithm based on big data drawn from verification tests conducted on roads in Korea, Seattle, San Francisco, Yosemite, and Las Vegas. The platform is a precious outcome obtained after numerous trials and errors for over two years in developing a platform needed by drivers through a validity analysis that assesses its adequacy for road conditions in Korea and survey on over 1,500 consumers.

Myren e-Call platform is an automatic accident-reporting manual system based on artificial intelligence (AI) that transmits data to the emergency rescue center within 0.1 seconds after automatically detecting vehicle accidents in real-time, using an acceleration sensor, gyroscope, and GPS sensor embedded in a smartphone. Additional technologies are being developed to automatically guide drivers to handle accidents in the event of an accident. In 2018, Myren started the development of the e-Call platform, using a fund of KRW 40 million (approximately USD 34,700) raised through Open Trade’s crowdfunding, and the company aims to launch the platform in 2021.

“I am excited to win the prize in this competition after receiving awards at the Seoul International Invention Fair and China-Korea Innovative Technology Contest as a venture company initiated with ideas inspired while I was assembling over 5,000 vehicles for export to North America when serving at Kia Motors,” said Choi Eun-hong, CEO of Myren. “The honor came from my relentless efforts with the support of the startup club in Creative Startup Cluster while I was running the business along with learning at the Graduate School of Global Entrepreneurship, Sungkyunkwan University.”

Myren is a social venture firm that leads technology innovation in vehicle safety products and idea-based traffic products. It holds 10 technology patents and two intellectual properties (IPs) for trademarks. Aiming to see the use of Myren tripods and e-Call platform for automatic accident reporting by all vehicles around the world, Myren strives to lead the global market in new technologies for vehicle safety.

View Myren Emergency Rescue Platform ‘e-Call’ from its YouTube video.

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