Gravity Launches an Idle Casual RPG ‘Poring Merge’ for the First Time in Brazil

A new idle casual RPG that anyone can easily enjoy

With pre-registration by over 300,000 users, it is expected to gain high popularity

The game supports the Portuguese language

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Gravity Co., Ltd.
Dec. 15, 2020 11:00
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--Gravity Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRVY), a leading global game-service provider, launched on December 8, 2020, its new idle casual RPG, Ragnarok: Poring Merge, in Brazil.

Poring Merge is an idle casual RPG (role-playing game) where users can meet diverse Porings and monsters against the backdrop of the world of Ragnarok.

As it is a casual game and convenient and simple to play, anyone can easily enjoy it. To help users not be bored before long, it provides a variety of game modes, such as the World Boss, Infinite Tower and PVP. In addition, the new game brings new excitement to users as Poring, the main character, appears with various jobs, such as Poring Knight and Poring Hunter.

In Brazil, the new game is expected to obtain high popularity as over 300,000 users already registered during the pre-register period that started on November 24. For the convenience of Brazilian users, it supports the Portuguese language.

“Poring Merge is a casual game that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of gender or age. While it is easy and convenient to control, it is enhanced with fun to prevent users from being bored. Given its initial launch in Brazil, we hope the game will satisfy the appetite of users in the country,” said a manager at Gravity.

In February 2020, Gravity signed an agreement with IOI Games, a casual mobile game developer and publisher, to develop and publish Ragnarok: Poring Merge, an idle casual RPG. Starting with the launch in Brazil, the company will release the game globally.

About Gravity

Established in April 2000, the quickening period of Korea’s online game industry, Gravity has been leading the golden age of online and mobile games. Gravity is the only game company in Korea that is directly listed on the NASDAQ.

Gravity is servicing games of various genres in Korea and abroad on the basis of the Ragnarok IPs, such as “Ragnarok Online,” which is a PC MMORPG with the largest user base in the world, “Ragnarok M: Abyss Awakening,” and “Assault! Ragnarok,” which are mobile MMORPGs, and “Ragnarok Tactics,” which is an SPRG. Having recently released “Ragnarok Origin,” a mobile MMORPG, in the Korean market, Gravity is on the fast track by climbing to a high sales ranking in the top two game markets.

Based on its powerful global network established through the success of “Ragnarok Online,” Gravity is also promoting the global publishing business to develop and distribute a range of platform and genre games as well as games using Ragnarok IPs.

About IOI Games

As a developer and publisher of casual mobile games established on February 22, 2018, IOI Games released 12 puzzle, RPG and merge games, including ‘Merge Zombie’, based on Google Play. And the company is under the development of a number of new games, including idle SNGs, idle RPGs and defense games, based on Global One Build with the goal of launching them during the first half of 2021.

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